DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



The dead crafty beer company looks really good.



Holiday beer wanker checking in


Incoming loads of mikkeller and bands photos :wink:


Yeah, we usually walk and cut through Rupert Lane park. Takes a while - 30 mins if you get a proper stride on. Traffic is always awful so waste of time getting a bus or cab (if you can even find one). Usually walk towards Goodison and get the bus back along Walton Lane.

God, I miss going to away games.


Cheers pal.

I wish we were away to Huddersfield tomorrow, instead of at home as a Magic Rock visit would have been made.


It’s fucking great there. Had a right good time last week


I think the away games next April. I’m probably going to stay over and come back on the Sunday. But knowing my luck it’ll be moved to the Monday night game.


Mates, slightly overwhelmed by the amount of great beer in Copenhagen/Haven festival


Off to Sussex for a few days. Sainsbos order arriving this evening with loads of booze, but took a few treats too.


Whereabouts are you going?


Spent last night at Wylam brewery. Day trip to Almasty today. Premier League back on.

10/10 weekend


Trillium // 2 hundred thousand trillion

chilling in the fridge


Just picked up;

Wylam - Ham Fisted DIPA
Staggeringly Good - Jurassix DIPA
Cloudwater - IPA Amarillo Citra
Cloudwater - Pale Ale Huell Melon
Cloudwater - NW DIPA Citra Amarillo
Cloudwater/Other Half - Imaginary Greenscapes DIPA

I’m not a Cloudwater fanboy, honest. But I obviously like a DIPA.


I had the Almasty Mosaic IPA yesterday. It was lovely.


That Wylam is top stuff.


Think I just like really sour beer best


Should probably go the growler shop to get that bristol collab ipa shouldn’t I.


Had it at Friends of Ham with a cheeseboard. Was so good.

GF finished of a bottle of her own not realising it was 9.5% er :smiley:


really enjoying mosaic a whole heap lately