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Best hop


i’ve always loved adnams and it’s just the best possible pale for my tastes


M&S do a very good single Mosaic hop IPA (made by Adnams). My go to beer.


Also had it there, though was on tap when I was there, I think. Recollections are a bit hazy of what I drank that night.


Something, something Bon Iver, sold out audience etc


East Preston. We’re right near a really promising looking Fullers pub that turned out to be a bit crap. Doing a long walk today and taking in a few ales along the way (toddler meltdowns allowing).

That Cloudwater smoked number wasn’t great, everything else very nice. Looks like Sierra Nevada and Harveys for the rest of the week.


Can’t help you with East Preston, but the Brookstead Ale House in West Worthing, (not open Mondays) is great if you’re still around.

I ummmed and ahhhed about the Cloudwater smoked thing, but decided against it in the end. Not heard good things.


I’d bookmarked a few of the nearby micropubs including that one, but I dunno how suitable they are if we’ve got a two year old with us. Don’t want to piss everyone off… We’re around all week though so going to try and get a least a couple in there.


Where else you got on your list? The brooksteed has a good outside space out front, so shouldn’t worry about pissing anybody off


Old Star Ale & Cider House (although I doubt we’ll trek that far), Anchored in Worthing and Brooksteed. The pub nearest us is called the Clockhouse and is very nice. Just had a few Hammerton ales in there.

Cheers for the advice - might just drag everyone down tomorrow.


It’s proper disgusting, I poured half of it away.


I shared the can with my brother in law, which was good as I would have tipped 4 quids worth away otherwise.


The old star is alright. Used be a Darkstar pub back in the day I think. Anchored is good, there’s also a new place called the Georgi Finn towards Goring


Hi guys


We’ve just got this in. Anyone? Haven’t tried it yet.


nope but Orkney are decent so worth a go if it’s more them than Belhaven


Shall report back! Not expecting much, we’ve got a 50/50 tie with Greene King and this is the latest one they’ve foisted upon us. Bit fed up with pale summery ales by now. All taste like piss. Sometimes piss and pineapples.


yeah Greene King and Belhaven are the same pretty much I think, just English and Scottish respectively. And aye, neither of them are very good, but if Orkney did most of the work there’s at least some potential there


Sure this’ll be a one and done kinda thing. Same with a couple of others we’ve had in this summer. Nice to change it up a bit. I’d like this next but I have like 1% say in this:



ah yeah, they’re Cornish right? remember having some of their stuff when I was in Plymouth a few years ago, I remember it being good but it’s been a while and my palette was only just developing :wink: