DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Yeah, that’s them. Tribute is probably their big seller. Haven’t had it here in a while but we do get some bottles of it in from time to time. Probably have that back for Winter II I hope.

(I know naff all about beer tbh)


Quite like St Austell’s stuff. Proper Job, Big Job and HSD are all cracking beers imo, and tribute is a solid option


I shall fight the St Austell corner! :muscle:


Trelawny is good too. I’ve not untappd a lot of their stuff apparently. Only one I didn’t like was Admiral Ale


What I need to do is get sent to a beer fest on company time and get proper twatted on all these suggestiong!


Korev, too, one of the best lagers around imo


Solid brewery


Evil Brewdog and Evil Tesco join forces for a mega deal.

4 Elvis Juice for £5
4 Punk for £4.50

Personally love an Elvis Juice so will be stocking up on these


Used to live in Plymouth and like you say pretty much all the pubs sell St Austell. Think my favourite of theirs was Proper Job. They’ve started selling a dark version of it called Proper Black though which is really good


Just to jump in on the St. Austell love in. Went on the tour over the summer and the guy was good fun.

They also brew small batch stuff too. Had a nice one with baobab (grown at the Eden project) in and a tripel one which was grand.

They brew one for M&S don’t they @rich-t? Tour guy was saying it’s pretty much the same as Admiral’s Ale, I think


3 I think. Cornish Pale, Cornish IPA and Cornish 6 malt stout.


@ynot just been told the Dark Star bottle shop planned for Crawley has fallen through due to planning permission. My mate is gutted.


That is a shame, it did seem to be dragging on a bit though. I remember first hearing about it around February.

I only go to Crawley once a month or so. But it would have been a nice place to visit.


If you can stretch to Horsham, there’s Beer essentials. Dark Star have been quiet about it for a long time. My mate went to the brewer yesterday and they confirmed that Crawley isn’t happening.


Yeah I go to Horsham occasionally for penoid board game purchases. I’ve been to that beer shop a couple of times but wasn’t that impressed their beers just seemed to be standard ones you can get on Waitrose etc. I may have gone on bad days.

Unless I’m thinking of somewhere else, it’s right at the top of the high street near where all the restaurants are?


Just past the newish Dark Star pub on East Street


Might have to pop back to Horsham, it’s been a while.


Awkward Phase IPA


Collab list as long as a Dj Khaled track, but this is predictably fantastic IPA. Lovely maltiness and sweetness to it. Properly lovely colour to the pour as well.


Can’t help but wonder how four different brewers working on a single beer actually works. Sounds tasty though.


Too many hip breweries spoil the DIPA