DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



These two are two of my go to beers when browsing Tesco / Sainsbury’s if they’re in there. Good gear. You ever tried the “Big Job” one they also do? I’m a big fan of that one.


I’ve only gone and made the short list, off to the ceremony next week!


Awesome nice one!


Don’t know if they sell it at my local Tescos. Will keep an eye out though


Just found the hanging bat and all is well


Is good. Prefer Salt Horse though, I think.

Though may be tainted by being extremely hung over in the hanging bat a few weeks and wasn’t able to finish my drink.


I’ve been (and am now going back) to salt horse it’s good x


Which one of us are you taking as your plus one?


Ha, no mention of a plus one at the moment (unless I win the Stockholm holiday…) The whole thing is a bit odd though, so little publicity, there’s been like one tweet from them about it when on the website they’re calling it the event of the year or something… will be interesting to see how it goes down, BD Clerkenwell isn’t even that big.


Btw let’s gets a beer


Aye when you around?


For the next two weeks!


Are you around for the Glasgow meet, or just the Sunday as you’re playing a gig?


Just Sunday cuz playing manc on sat!


Mini-haul for my last night in Partick

@Severed799 crossing the rubicon will be my new wanky local.


Good to know!




The Buxton porter is :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Train beer.


Got a £50 gift card for my local bottle shop to spend, going to go today. Not sure whether to buy a couple of really nice things or try and go for as much variety as possible. Going to be a struggle.