DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I’d go 1 nice thing, the rest on variety (which will presumably still be nice)


Turned out I can use it in stages, so here’s £30 worth, mostly on your principle!

And another £20 for when I need to cheer myself up!


I love this thread. I rarely post in it but is my go to for beer recommendations

Cheers folks!


How’s the beaver/Firestone Collab?


The Grove in Huddersfield is bloody incredible


Magic rockkkkkkk
wish it could be beer, yorkshire, beer, yorkshire though


Thanks. Good glasses.


RM = their ringmaster PA?

Leaving the low ABV till the end eh?


think so
can’t remember though that was the second tray
weyyyyy :tongue:


I’m drinking a Left Hand Fade To Black Foreign Stout.

I’d forgotten how much I like stout. This is excellent.


Also had a Northern Monk Patron Imperial Stout.

It’s good but it has notes of a black forest gateau.


Increasingly confused by the Beer Geek Awards tonight. Spoke to another finalist on Twitter, he was only told late last week to so had no chance to travel to the awards this evening. Was told I’d hear more about it from the organiser but not heard anything. There’s almost zero promotion of it from BD on their social media, or any of the judges. Half expecting to turn up to an empty pub. Considering it was billed as one of the biggest events in the beer calendar, it’s a bit odd.


Fixed that for you


Sponsored by Brewdog so it’ll be punk


Aye but with their backing you’d thing they’d do a bit more promotion, punk or otherwise?


It was a touch on the jammy side - not at all unpleasant but I might have preferred it a bit more savoury or the cherry fruit a bit cleaner.


The URL you posted last week, doesn’t appear to work for me.


Is that right?




It’s working for me?


Probably a bit ashamed to be associated with bloggers and are trying to sweep it under the carpet.

I’m expecting a release of BlogNerd (Beat him like a red ale headed stepchild) a week on Friday at all Brewdog locations 6pm