DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Yeah that works, but the one last week didn’t.


Huh, yeah I click yours and it doesn’t work.


No WWW at the start of Ynots


Alright Berners-Lee.


Good luck tonight!


I lost :pensive:

The whole thing was a weird shambles tbh, though the guy who won my category was okay. I couldn’t even have gone to Stockholm anyway. Still, would have been nice to be a winner for once.

Sad night of melancholy introspection ahead.


I hope you at least have some good/free beer to drown your sorrows with.


Imagine if the event was sponsored by Carling and you had a choice of rubbish lager or a rubbish cider variant.


It’s sponsored by evil Brewdog so halfway there already amirite!!!1!1!!


As a man who owns an impressive 2 (two) shares in Brewdog, I think you’ll find our product both tasty and ethical.


You guys seem quite careful with where you source your beers from what with all your Flavoury/Crafted talk - so anyway, I was in Iceland last night picking up some cereal* for the kids and I noticed that a couple of months into their craft beer experiment they are presumably binning it off as every bottle was discounted to £1 a pop. Filled me boots didn’t I…

I’m not particularly familiar with ‘The BrewDog’ but you guys seem to bang on about them so much I assume they’re the DiS beer of choice so made sure I included a bunch of them.

[*cereal not pictured]


Buxton launching an online shop.


Probably have a couple of hours to kill on Berwick later, any nice ale pubs? (@nestor maybe?)


Can’t wait to be too late to buy some Yellow Belly Sundae!


Christ, that’s a good beer.


I wouldn’t know.


Well, you might have the chance to continue not knowing soon


Remember when you could just buy things you liked? Back the olden days. Gig tickets, t-shirts, beers…

Good times.


Two stood out for me when i went a few weeks ago.

Barrels Ale House is a nice old-fashioned ale-y kinda place. The Curfew is a bit more modern/craft, also great.


Enjoyed both, thanks.

Was hoping to see Jakehead somewhere as still not had it, but no luck.