DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



So got 2 beery options today

  • Cloudwater brewery tap - involves an hour an half train to Manc.
  • Verdant Tap Takeover at North Bar - short train, easy to get home
  • Somehow try to do both.

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WOAH this is one hell of a tip. I just looked online and they are selling two delicious types of Meantime for £1 a go. Looks like I am nipping to shitty Southmead tonight.


Bear in mind that it appears to only be the larger stores that carry the range - the one down the road from me is an Iceland Food Warehouse, so is MASSIVE…


This is also useful intel. Going to source my largest Iceland immediately. That or order online and annoy Mrs JH who has deliveries from both Ocado and Abel and Cole every week!


Tonight’s pub crawl with a bunch of mates: The Clapton Hart, The Crooked Billet, The Axe, The Jolly Butchers, The Coach & Horses, The Rochester Castle.




I know, I know. But… it’s all part of the N16 Experience.


Ah man. That’s a sold gold Friday night out.



My sister got me a some Flavourly boxes for my birthday, and another mate got me a box of beers from Romney Marsh. So my house is now full of beers and I’ve had a mild hangover pretty much every day this week.

Romney Marsh do pretty traditional fayre - bitters, golden ales etc. Very nice though. Flavourly box looks decent - had never heard of Poppels or Nørrebro.

Also tried this the other day. Exploding Rainbows by FUERST WIACEK. 7% IPA. Nice and fruity. £5 a half though!


It’ll be fun. Some of us are meeting at the first pub at six. Other people who finish work later or have other stuff on straight after work will join us at various stages. The size of our group fluctuating, new people turning up, maybe one or two flaking out. All pubs are guaranteed to have some excellent beers on. And, to be fair to the Roch, their cask ales are often very good and well conditioned too.


Yeah - you’ll be trolleyed by then anyway. I’m going to have one in the 'Spoons in Tooting this evening. Cask is always decent, and I’m quite partial to a can of that Resin from their craft range.

Have to be militant on a crawl like that though. Leaving each place on the hour. Lost count of the amount of crawls where we ended up staying in the first one 'til closing.


The Axe is newly opened and the manager is an old mate so we have to make it that far by a certain point in the evening no matter what.


Weekend treat. Looking forward to this Canadian light beer.


When in Glasgow


Ooh where are you guys? (Go to the state)


Currently in the hotel bar, and then to drygate apparently


Ah drygate is nice too, my pal iain works there too (what hotel?)

You guys should go to the state at some point this weekend for the best ales in town (Blackfriars is great too)


The premier Inn by glasgow college.


This is dishlicious


Ah so south of the river? South side is well worth a look too bakery 47, Queen’s Park (and cafe) glad cafe and Allison arms are all awesome