DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Yeah south of the river. I’ll ask John and see what he says.


You are about twenty minutes walk from me.

I’m not playing out tonight though.


heathen is fucking amazing


Tomorrow then?


This was my favourite of the six beers I had last night.




Just booked trains to Manchester on November 18th. No child, double room in a B&B to myself, starting at Cloudwater, then Port St, quick mooch in Oi Polloi, then Ubers to Chorlton. Stop off at Croma for pizza at some point.




Bed by 9 I reckon


Chubbles. Canned yesterday :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Triple ipa collab with veil
Absolutely banging


Got this message from a pal at cloudwater yesterday:
‘Full of beer wankers in this cloudwater. Next table on are discussing the acetic acid content of a gooseberry gose.’


Come to fuel


This Trillium x Beavertown lad is pretty, pretty, pretty good.


Can comfirm, Beaverillium is fucking excellent.

FYI @hazzyc, West Side Beavo, the Beavertown / Firestone Walker collab, is pretty meh.


Its a proper lovely drop :ok_hand:


Coir boiz coconut IPA

Other half brewing X The veil

I love coconut so this is heaven for me


Yeah, had that Firestone Walker collab with dinner last night and it was just like fairly decent lager. Could have been drinking a Peroni or a Moretti or something. Not inherently bad, but disappointing considering their collective pedigree.


oops posted too soon

above is 8% ABV

also tried CHEDDAR from other half (got sent a few things by them) 7.9% ABV… i dunno if its just me, but it tastes a bit like its got ganj in it - apiricoty and nice bitterness as well - lovely stuff


Hops and cannabis are not entirely unrelated biologically speaking, so dank / weedy is a fairly common descriptor of super hoppy IPAs. Sixpoint even has a DIPA called Resin.


the shared chemical class is terpenoids hehe

good work terpenoids

Petition for next beer thread to be calls DiS Beer terPENOIDS