DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I like Resin. My go to in 'Spoons.

Don’t the kids call weed ‘cheese’ these days? Or its a strain of weed or something. I dunno - I don’t smoke that isht no more.


Went watching. United.

Now at blackjack


Playing at 11pm! £3 suggested also we are dead good


Cloudwater get a mention in The Sun.


I mean no one would buy a pint of that anyway but geez-oh


Most of us would only by a third or half of that and then only very rarely. What the article fails to mention, though, is how much of that £13.40 is tax. It also fails to mention that it is 9% ABV and not a session beer. It is a beer that attracts a higher rate of tax than a regular beer. Similarly high ABV beers are just as expensive at other “craft beer” specialists, like the Craft Pub Co, for example. And, of course, if you don’t want to spend that money then don’t buy it. I find that in such pubs the staff will always warn you if you choose a high ABV beer without realising it.


No, it’s absolutely ridiculous pal.

Stop using your logic and your words and get yourself a pint of fucking £1.79 Ruddles and drink it.


I had a £1.99 pint of Burning Sky in the 'Spoons yesterday. That’ll have to do.


Please don’t compare Burning Sky to Ruddles.


That was my point. Good cask ale doesn’t have to be expensive.


If the sun slags you off you’re probably doing something right


£13.40 is a lil excessive tbf

They’ll get like 35 pints (say like 28 with spillage/ wastage) per 20L keg
28*13.40 = £375 on a £130 keg…


Oh wait, the article says more than £130

so ignore my back of the envelope maths


Cloudwater have done a good reply on their blog. It does seem like The Rake was pushing their luck.

I know the person who did the original tweet that caused the fuss, she’s pretty bemused at the fuss it called. I find it hard to get worked up tbh, so bored of cunts moaning about the price of pints in that London.


Yeah, it’s silly really. Just funny to see them in the Sun.

“Just when I though they couldn’t stoop any lower. Slagging off our Wanker’s Beer? Scum”


Cheers for this. I was in Buxton last week and stumbled on their pubpretty much by accident (in a moment of idiocy I hadn’t made the name/location conection!)
They had yellow belly sundae on tap, and i err pretty much worked my way through all 11 or 12 others they had. I do like a ‘different’ stout but appreciate may not be to everyones tastes!


As an amusing update to this, on Friday I went to the fucking shitestorm of an Iceland in Southmead Bristol. Easily as awful as feared, and no beer in sight. I went home dejected.

However, on hearing the news that I was attempting to shop at a budget supermarket, the aforementioned snobby girlfriend went on Ocado and discovered they are selling three of the Meantime beers at 75p a can. 75p!

She ordered 40.


Now that Meantime is owned by SAB Miller perhaps they want to get rid of all the lovely stock before cheapening the recipe and churning out shite in Meantime’s name…


Heading to End of The Road tomorrow, and got a bunch of Amundsen beers fairly cheaply for it.

Probably should’ve just stuck to Tyskie and bags of wine but the chance to show everyone at a festival how much of a wanker I am was too good to refuse.

I’ve seen a couple of you check some of their beers in on Untappd. Pretty solid then?


They’re alright, but nothing spectacular IMO