DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Lol they’ve been churning out shite for a while now.


I’ve not drunk it for a long while now… I prefer cask ales anyway generally.


Were they ever really that good? Always thought they were pretty average.

The first time I ever did a brewery tour was their old place in Greenwich in 2010/11. The guy who did it was very interesting, but told us that the brand Meantime were ‘targeting’ was Peroni which I thought was quite telling.

Those champagne style bottles were pretty cool though. And the porter they did was really nice thinking back.


the Greenwich union is a nice place. Their beer has always been a bit boring really (apart from Yakima Red and Chocolate porter which are good)


The porter was my favourite of theirs, definitely.


Sounds totally plausible. Very much looking forward to 40 cans with a use by date of Sept 4th arriving.


I mean, I guess credit has to be due as one of the first wave of “craft” breweries. I think it’s very fair that they said Peroni was their target market - trying to make a drink and a brand that appealed to a “discerning” drinker, someone willing to spend a bit more on a product they thought was superior to Fosters / Carling.

Their core range was always pretty dull, but they did some lovely special edition stouts and stuff. Since the buyout and even before they were brewing their London lager in Holland though.


Yeah - it’s good in there. We went there after the tour actually.


And the bar by the museum is ok too.


Yeah, that sounded quite snobby. Given the choice, I would probably order a London Lager over a Peroni, but on the whole Meantime beer isn’t the treat it was 6-7 years ago. I remember being so chuffed when Sainsburys starting stocking it.

The guy who gave the tour was Peter Haydon, who I think left quite soon after. An interesting guy.


Had this the other day :fire:

I also tried Skullwater their collaboration with the American microbrewers Stillwater which was pretty sound as well (not as good as the Beaverillium though IMO)


I did the brewery tour there years ago, not sure who gave the tour, he seemed like a fairly intense ex-army dude.


I really want to go to the Buxton Tap House at some point.

I’m toying with the idea of when Palace away to Huddersfield doing the following.

Early Thursday - Train to Buxton, do some touristy stuff and visit the Buxton Tap House. B&B in Buxton
Friday Afternoon - Train to Manchester, visit Cloudwater and/or Marble. B&B in Manchester.
Saturday - Train to Huddersfield, go to football, visit Magic Rock, train home or B&B and train back Sunday.

Seem excessive? I’m hoping by football mate is well enough by then, and he fancies it as otherwise I might have to do it alone.


This sounds like an amazing itinerary ynot…and indeed…erm ynot,…

Buxton and Cloudwater will be surefire victories even if the game is not…though maybe the FdB blueprint will take hold by then


Yellow Belly Sundae…On Tap…

There are no words for this…

How much did they charge out of interest?


About £5.50 a half I think. But it’s almost 4 months since I went.


I tragically took a picture so i can tell you exactly! I would post it but I can’t fathom it out now that photobucket is stuffed. It appears there were actually 18 beers on tap!
3.35 for a 3rd (12%) although i think i was drinking halves.
Texas Pecan porter (10%) was 4.50 for a half.
I only took a (drunken) picture of the stouts page but they also had the buxton/stillwater subliminal stout and sour , buxton extra porter and the to ol goliat

to be honest, the price didn’t bother me at the time. We were so relived to find somewhere not serving creamy generic bitter after walking to buxton from bakewell!

It’s right opposite the palace hotel, which looks grand but was dirt cheap to stay in.


You can directly upload photos to the forum using the upload button


Ta-daaa. And a crappy one of the bar


Sounds ace, maybe slightly excessive on your own.