DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



If you’re going anyway for the football - when are you next going to be in Huddersfield? I find places like that are pretty good if you’re on your own as it’s full of nerds who are happy to chat about beer (staff included).

Buxton sounds like a ballache to get to though. Dunno if I could be arsed with that, especially as Manchester is so rich in places to booze in.


Yeah, it’s a good hour on the train from Manchester to Buxton, and there isn’t too much around in the town itself (walking, nice Victorian buildings and a decent bottle shop aside). But the Taphouse is a brilliant place. Really decent food and an amazing beer list. Tough choice, but maybe half a day in Buxton then on to Manchester.


@ynot also, magic rock gets really busy around late afternoon. There was a 50+ person queue to get in when we left about 6.30pm.


Thanks…and nothing tragic at allabout that!..I;m often to be found snapping the beer menu (self-consciously) so I can do some Untapp’d research before ordering the 2nd…does sound like a bit of a dream visit…yeah prices aren’t cheap but I figure it is easy enough to savour and drink the strong stuff (and I really favour the Imperial Stouts and DIPAs etc)…at half the rate so all in all no extra cash spent…I also tend to use the AlcoDroid App as a hangover preventative too when dealing with those double figure ABVs…

You can tell a night out on the tiles with me is a barrel of laughs…




Who was it that wanted yellow belly sundae?

If you signed up to the soft launch of the Buxton web shop you should have an email


I only got around to signing up yesterday. I guess I left it too late.


Yeah, it’s very pricey, but I went to Vinopolis the other week with my Mrs for a few glasses of wine and we ended up spending loads, so I always think about it like that.


Just seen this in my inbox, going to see if a couple of mates want to split it.


I’m really interested in this but don’t want to pay £80.

I don’t suppose any South Londoners want to go halves?


Only just got the email too. Must be tiering it as I signed up quite recently.

Not spending £80 on beer at this moment in time though.


I buckled as soon as i got the mail. I am so weak…


Beavertown have emailed out a full beer list for the Extravangza and its better than I ever hoped. Yellow Belly Sundae is barely in the top five of things I want to drink.


Ahh jealous. Have a good time. Hope it happens again next year as I will definitely go.


They said in the email they want this to the first of an annual event, so fingers crossed.


Was planning on clearing out my fridge beer before buying anymore but the local beer shops have been posting about having beavertown/trillium collaboration so may go buy that and a couple more.

Slightly too many collabs about at the moment, hard to keep track of.


That was is definitely worth getting hold of, it’s delicious (and it was about £4 a can in my local bottle shop, so definitely worth treating yourself).


Looks good. Let us know what the queues are like!


There’s going to be 4,000 people, and they’re opening the doors two hours before pouring starts (I think). With their reputation for events, it’s going to be hell, isn’t it?


Mini haul, still got so much to do though. :slightly_frowning_face: