DiS Beer Wankers 2.0




Cheers new cross




Had a Beaverillium last night. Man, it was so nice. Their mango lassi description was spot on. Had a Lupaloid straight after and it was weird. Like the feeling you get when you come off a motorway and think you’re doing 5mph. First few sips tasted so thin and flavourless.


Where in New Cross?


The random corner shop opposite white hart, there was a few bombers but that obviously being the most interesting/best priced


Just back from the gym so treating myself to a protein shake.




It’s lovely. But I think everything has been sullied slightly by me having that Beaverillium as my first weekend drink.

“Trillium, Trillium, it was really nothing”


I think my taste buds are bit messed up from having tonsillitis because i didnt get any mango? And thought it was pretty average, would have preferred lupuloid tbh


Ah, man. I loved it. I’m going back to buy more tomorrow.


I’m off the beer for the foreseeable so have one for me


Oh really? How come? I’m trying to cut back, but it’s impossible. A quick jaunt to the big Sainsburys and the booze aisle draws me in like a tractor beam.


Money, weight, fitness mainly. First time having 5 continuous days off booze for maybe 4yrs


Good luck (if you need it)

I’m definitely trying to cut back then hoping to stop for all of November.


Thanks man. Not been hard so far. Fingers crossed.


Im also going to this after from Monday, for same reasons. Good luck!


Et Tu


Blimey. Can’t remember the last time I had 5 days off…

I rarely get pissed these days, but I do drink at home pretty regularly. Terrible habit tbh. Stewart Lee nailed it really. Drinking a selection of carefully selected beers and then going on Untappd seems fine, whereas just caning a 4 pack of Red Stripe… doesn’t.


Apart from maybe twice a month were I’d get hammered with mates, everyday was either 1 or 2 expensive wankey beers or a 4 pack of shit lager. So pointless and expensive.