DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I went to Rehill’s last weekend and stocked up on 12 very nice looking NE beers, and by the time I’d driven back to London the next day my appendix was on its way to bursting and I’ve been in hospital ever since. No beers for me for a while, wankers :pensive:


Oh man, that sounds proper shit. Hope you get better and get out of hospital soon fella.


Thanks man. Managed an 8 hour drive on my own thinking I was just uncomfortable from the drive and ended up coming pretty much straight to A&E when I got home, so I guess it could have been worse!


Oh, man. Shit. Get well soon.


Get well soon @badmanreturns!

And good luck to the guys cutting down. I should really join you. Maybe should use Beavertown next week as a logical stopping point for a while.


Christ that’s awful man, get well soon!


M&S have chucked a load of their beer down to a quid a bottle. Includes branded (Yeastie Boys, Hatachino, Nogne) as well as our own branded beer.


Anyone else going to the Beavertown Extravaganza? I’m following the first day on Twitter… apparently some breweries are out, two hours in. :confused:


Buxton completely sold out by 5pm apparently. Doesn’t bode well for tomorrow, unless they split the supply 50/50 for each day.


Most breweries had separate lists for either day… but I also heard someone say 3 Floyds won’t have any more Zombie Dust, even though it was listed for tomorrow.

My cousin is saying you very much have to go with the flow, it’s impossible to coordinate queuing with what’s on etc, and that there’s tonnes of good stuff regardless. But damn, I’ll be disappointed if I miss out on the things I really want.


Sounds like the right approach!

I missed out on tickets in the end, but would have been there today if I’d been able. General chatter seems really positive, so hopefully they’ll do it again next year and I’ll be able to make it then.


I’m in already and lining my stomach, getting very excited!


I’m very jealous of you and @hip_young_gunslinger. Drink all the good beer


Saw some people getting angry on Twitter last night about how some breweries sold out before the end of the day and saying ‘why would a brewery only bring 4 kegs’ and some demanding refunds - Beavertown said over 55 breweries were still pouring after 8pm and were handling the whole thing pretty well but it made me a bit sad to see idiots getting riled up about stuff that’s pretty easy to understand. 60 breweries can’t each bring enough limited edition beer for 4000 people. Oh well, hope everyone going today has fun!


Just ordered the rainbow project case, dont think illoke many of them but couldn’t resist.


Today’s haul


That Cloudwater BBC DIPA is predictably lovely.


Really tired this afternoon so


Leeds beer festival for me this evening. Wanted to do the Saltaire one this afternoon too but that might’ve killed me. Been a bit of a washout anyway

Lot I’ve not tried at the Verdant and Magic Rock stalls. Anything massively recommended?

Annoyingly, doesn’t have a straightforward list, soz.


Mini haul.

I’m looking forward to the Wylam/Magic Rock/Brighton Bier Collab especially.