DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I haven’t had any of those Verdants but I bet they’re all great


Yeah I think they might have the best batting average of beers I’ve tried of any brewery in the UK. Excitingly I’ve not had any of those either


Had Noibu at north bar the other week and think even sharks… was at hop city, both great.

Reckon Pulp is the best beer non-cloudwater beer I’ve had.

Would like to have that dipa on the list right now.


Todays haul. Guy in shop said pink lemonade ipa was good.


Back from Beavertown, Thought it was excellent. There were queues for all the big foreign breweries but probably no more than 15 minutes each, and each keg probably went for an hour or so (aside from Dark Lord), so I got everything I wanted and plenty more besides. Most places ran dry an hour before finish but I was fucked by then and couldn’t care less. Ticked off some incredible stuff, and took a selfie with Sierra Nevada’s Ken Grossman!


Met some mates for dinner last night. They got me this as a late birthday gift. Pretty much all of my birthday gifts were beer this year, aside from a bottle of gin.


Extravaganza was excellent. I went in very cautious after the previous events Beavertown have done, which had just been terribly organised to the point of being negligent. As said, there seemed a fair bit of criticism on Friday regarding beers running out, and indeed it happened yesterday, but this didn’t seem as nearly as big as a problem as many made it out to be.

Had lots and lots of amazing beers and developed a strategy of picking up a beer with a little queue and having it while I wait in a longer queue. A flawless system that got me horrifically drunk.

Tried some crazy rare beers too like Dark Lord/Zombie Dust and Huhnapu, but the best ones were from breweries that I haven’t really heard loads about. The best example being my ‘beer of the festival’ being Apreciation from Sante Adarius, a sour made from boysenberries (?). I didn’t try any Trillium or Omnipollo as the queues always looked the longest and just went with the flow of the day - it was brilliant.


We’ve just got this in, any good?



I like the price.


My other half came home yesterday looking really self satisfied. “Look what I’ve got for you!” Bottles of Black Sheep. Better than Fosters, sure, but…


Hello lads it’s dream night


One of my mates posted this on Facebook, rather jealous.


so flavourly sent me my first (full price) box and one of my selected “beers” was gin.

is this acceptable to you people?


No of course not :joy:


Bargain :sunglasses:


I like gin… but if I wanted gin I would have… y’know?


The first rule of beer club is that it’s a beer club


It can’t have been an accident since there was a little bottle of posh tonic too.


get well soon pal


Long shot, but anyone had custom beer glasses made? Thistle ones, specifically. Either etched or printed.