DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I can’t find anything apart from this picture which was shared by a beer shop opening on Pollockshaws Rd (I think.)


I’m on the way back from Brighton after some friends gig at the Prince Albert in Brighton. They had a Cloudwater DIPA for £13 a pint. I very nearly got a half, but resisted.


I was also gutted that Trafalgar Wines was shut, so I’m making do with M&S train beers.


Did you get anywhere else? Really like the Albert as a venue but find the pub a bit weird.


I also went to the Brighton Bierhouse as you recommended. Lovely place and reasonably cheap too.

It wasn’t where I originally thought it was, I thought it was wherethe Brighton Beer Dispensory was, so went there first. I did a lot of walking.

The friends gig was great too, it was their first gig in two years and the first time I’ve probably seen them in four.


Ha ha. The beer dispensary is the best


I didn’t go in as I only had an hour before I had to meet a friend at the station and I really wanted to go to the Bierhouse.

Another friend (my house mate) was also offered a gig at the Prince Albert for tonight but they had to turn it down. Would have been strange going there two days running. But they’ve got a gig at Sticky Mikes in a few weeks so I may visit the Beer Dispensory then.


Sticky mike’s is a strange place. But yeah get in on the Beer Dispensary when you next head down.


Might be down for GY!BE too, was mentioned yesterday.

I’ve been to a few gigs in Brighton over the years, but tend to stick to London but in reality for me it’s just as easy to go to Brighton than train and tube to London. Might do it more often.

I’m also in Brighton in December to take my my nephew to his early Christmas present and see Stone Sour. I might need alcohol for that.


Stone Sour is still a thing?

Actually, Stone Sour could easily be a beer now I think of it.


They are, when my nephew asked I thought I’d gone back to 2002.


Mini haul

Siren - The Tickle Monster (11%)
Siren - The Kentucky Tickle Monster (16.3%!!!)
Wild Beer/Side Project - Indigo (5%)
Northern Monk - Knucklepuck Time (8.5%)
Northern Monk - A Newer World (8.2%)

Sorry @Severed799, but I’m not at work tomorrow and I’ve been good this week


don’t apologise to me! They look great. I’m probably gonna have a couple 80cents pilsners at Timber Timbre tonight :wink:


Looks like cider and black, tastes like a Wild beer sour

Juicy DIPA

Loving this one


Did two beer wankery things last night,

  1. made me my mate get untappd

  2. when the pub was updating their blackboard did a little ‘yes’ when I saw they were writing Wylam


Tasted a couple of notable new things today"

The Veil brewery (Richmond, Virginia) : Potato Napkin IPA (8% ABV); pours proper frothy, lots of mango and citrus and you legit get an after taste of french fries imo

Omnipollo/Tired Hands (Pennsylvania):Milksaint fiver milkshake IPA “Conditioned on Madagascar vanilla beans and dry-hopped with Mosaic and Citra” TASTY


Unlucky seeing Wylam up in chalk


Bloody lovely


These both sound amazing… I’ve never seen any of the Veil stuff at my local beer wanker spots :slightly_frowning_face: