DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Been to Drygate tonight; drove my parents there and drank soft drinks.

Proper going to Valhalla’s Goat tomorrow.


Guys. Srs bsns.


…do walk about 100 m further down Trafalgar Street and drop in on Trafalgar Wines to stock up - my favourite bottle shop bar none…


…It could be worse you could have taken a photo of the blackboard and then rummaged through Untappd to check average ratings before ordering…something I’m guilty of though usually only having ordered the first…


That is seriously handsome…can’t believe I just typed that…did it taste as good as it looks?


It was possibly the richest thing I’ve ever tasted. I had some pretty decent dark chocolate with it and my tongue wasn’t registering anything but the beer. Loved it.

It also put me on my arse.


As mentioned in the evening thread 3/4 of the taps were sours, so knew I would get through all the others, so no research necessary this time.


Saw my local bottle shop have that Northern Monk / Bissell Brothers collab - £8 a can. Bit steep for me that.


Knucklepuck Time? Picked it up for £6.40, still thought it was a bit steep. The 16.3% beer I had from Siren was £5.60. Some of the pricing atm is insane.


Yeah. There was a session porter as well which was north of £6. Will have to shop around. The place doesn’t usually price gouge though.


I just can’t justify it. That Omnipollo @McGarnagle had upthread was a tenner for a 330ml in my local shop. It’s getting a bit silly atm. I get that they are all limited runs and from small brewers/cost of ingredients ect… But I reckon I might be done with it all (I say this then will probably end up buying a load of expensive stuff in a fortnights time)


Ouch! What shop was that?

I think I paid about £8.50 for it, which is still undeniably pricey. It did then sit in the cupboard for about 6 months waiting for a special occasion for me to justify the cost to myself.


Bitter Virtue in Southampton, but I think it was a bourbon aged version


Ah, right. That would probably go for +£12 in London then… As much as I like the whole barrel-aged porter/stout thing, I’m only partly convinced it’s not just a means to jack the prices up even further.


Which Omnipollo is it? The same shop currently has the rum barrel aged Hypnopompa for £12. I do kind of want that.


It was that one.


brought this home yeterday and cracket it open now. Realllly nice, heavy on the simcoe imperial IPA. Didnt actually realise it was a 8.9% until I read the label properly…hides it v well…


Mini haul, the growler is beavertown - heavy water w/ chili spices.

Gonna have the beerbibliotek one on the bath now.


Reckon we’ll see this over here?


I had this last night,

One of the best juicy IPAs I’ve had in a while.