DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



This tickle monster tastes… too strong.


Had some good beers recently. These two were v. nice, couldn’t believe the Two Roads was over 8%…


Imagine what the Kentucky version tastes like (I really enjoyed both tbh)


@keith, @witches plus anybody else interested. this is the winter plan for the largest m&s stores


Do you work for M&S??

And I’m currently drinking salty kiss :yum:


Woah, alright Edward Snowden!


Yeah. So have a vested interest in M&S beer


Been down shoreditch craft beer co. tonight

Bare jelly at the range they have on tap.


Ah look forward to trying Hanalei IPA


I saw they had Evil Twin / Prarie BA Bible Belt when they opened, one of the very few beers I’ve scored perfectly on Untappd.


Stella! Sorted. :muscle:


Countdown to IMBC

any other atendees?


£13 a pint!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Was it busy? Might stop by for a cheeky one.


You missed all the fun, huh?

It was covered by every news-rag going…


It’s not the only place that charges that, and to be honest you’d only ever have half a pint of that anyway as its 9%, which is comparable to a 330ml bottle which I’ve paid similar for the DIPA v13 etc. Still a shock seeing the blackboard with it at £13.

I would have had it, but I’d already have a few pints and didn’t really fancy a 9% beer on a night out.


Just had a taste of Mormora Sour - CloudwaterXSquare Mile Coffee.
Ethiopian coffee infused sour

This was really weird. Heavy coffee taste, sharp sour, acidic afternotes

I think I like it?


Currently drinking the DEYA Waterfall DIPA. It’s really good, and was only £3.75 for a half. Wish I could get hold of DEYA beers more often.



Big Poppa - Electric Bear’s 7.0% IPA is amazing imo

They put lots of oats and wheat in it, gives it a crazy thick texture. Citrusy and loads of orange+grapefruit.


I had the North/Verdant Citra collab earlier and wasn’t really that impressed :confused: