DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Fucking hell OF COURSE the craft beer managing director looks like that.


Wankers… best craft places in east London please (that aren’t Mother Kelly’s in Bethnal Green)



Actually also just anywhere in London that’s not a billion miles from east and isn’t a Craft Beer Co. or the Stormbird.



Clapton craft?


Crate Brewery taproom
The Cock Tavern
Howling Hops
Sebright arms
Redchurch brewery
The birdcage


The Kings Arms in Bethnal Green


Sebright is a Vice shithole that serves Bud Light now :weary:


Oh shiiiit, nooooo

to be fair, it was always on the cusp of being terrible


It was my favourite pub for a lonng time - was probably the first ‘craft beer’ place I ever discovered really. Those days are long gone though sadly.


Quite into this London pub guide. The website looks reassuringly shit, which I think is important.



This is pretty good, maintained by Will Hawkes who knows his shit:


This book is also good, although it always runs the risk of being quickly outdated:

(Ignore the CAMRA bit, it includes non-cask focused pubs / breweries as well).


That Rize Up is outstanding.


Update: Friends, the Mormora sour is now my current favourite drop…cant get enough of it


Got a can of it today, really looking forward to it. Got a bottle of Wild Beer Jambo! too, the shop had sold 11 of their 12 bottles within an hour of getting it in!


Lidl stock Fallen stuff now, up here




didn’t get my shit together for indymanbeercon but as some “fringe” thing magic rock, burning sky and weird beard are taking over some bars in town so probably go to them tomorrow


Burning Sky is at port street right? I’d get to that


yeah man, defiantly gonna do magic rock @ common and then port street. never even seen weird beard i don’t think


Is it a permanent thing? Or just for their “beer festival” thing?