DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Haven’t seen anything on their beer festival tbh, didn’t seem to be being promoted as such.


Hope that’s the case because they’re excellent on the cost/tastiness scale


Tasting sess: lots of boring stuff, BUT

Stupid Sexy Suffolk - Little Earth Project



Drinking a very tasty Stillwater Shoegaze in its natural environment.


I know it’s half nine on a Monday but I just saw this on Twitter and I’m THIRSTY


Nice. A friend of mine designs all the stuff for Magic Rock. Really great looking brand IMO.


Still feeling rough after indyman beer con on Saturday afternoon

11am in the queue "I’m gonna take it steady"
11.35 “that imperial stout looks good”


Always deadly


Exactly what happened to me at Beavertown Extravaganza. Was fucked by an hour in.


Was still drinking at midnight

Works going well


I’m terrible for this. Never a good sign when you switch to 4% beers in a lame attempt to dilute the alcohol you’re already imbibed.


“Ooh, a nice 6.5% IPA, the perfect refresher.”


Switching to Guinness/ smooth stout for a bit to ‘settle the stomach/ soak up alcohol’ is my favourite illogical move when getting wankered


it is like drinking a pie tbf


I was sensible and had a can of blood orange san pelligrino in the taxi from indyman to the burning sky tap takeover at port st


been decidedly non-crafty (well Beer-y in general) last month but it’s both my and Muted Horn’s birthday on Friday and I’m gonna go fucking MAD:



I think the Evening Star is owned by Dark Star, is that right? That said, I’ve never been disappointed by the selection or quality at the Prince Albert.






Yep, and the place that they started brewing at. Always preferred the Evening Star to the albert. But in all honesty, the evening star is probably my favourite pub so I’m hardly an unbiased observer