DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Went apple picking with the father-in-law yesterday. He’s gonna be making some cider. Pure apples, none of this other types of fruits shit that most Americans do.

Loooking forward to it.


Cider or HARD cider? Always find it so confusing when Americans talk about cider and they just mean juice.


I didn’t get to go to the Evening Star, but another friend has a gig in Brighton later in the month, so i’m hoping to give it a visit then.


I’ve not been for a long while. I used to be in Brighton once a month to DJ gigs and stuff. But not since Matt & Karen moved to Brighton. I assume everything is much the same there under the new manager?




Hard cider. I was so disapointed the first time I went to an apple orchard over here and tried a sample of free “cider.”


I’m very childish


My precious antique cans!


NORTHERN MONK guy with the goods this afternoon:

Northern Monk X Verdant Patrons Project 9.01 Captain North IPA 6% : YESSSSSS
Northern Monk Mango Lassi Heathern 7.2% : Lovely, sweet enough, smooth but not sludgy or thick or cloying…

Lads killing it


shiiiiit i am gonna need that Verdant IPA stat


Somewhere decent in Winchester to have a beer @twentynine



Boxcar Citra IPA & London Saison are lovely. Sold in those medicine bottles (like the old school red stripes), which obvs makes taste better


If you’re after a juicy NE DIPA and can’t see any Cloudwater / Verdant / Deya etc, I’m drinking a Gispy Hill Karoshi and can highly recommend. Very impressed.


Gypsy Hill beers are easily the most hit and miss brewery, love Hepcat, hate most of their other beers… will have a look for this


Karoshi is a little on the thin side for me (cf. other juicy DIPAs) imo. Hides its a 8%(?) v. well though

Incidentally, got devlivered a boat load of Verdant Pulp today so v. happy


Yeah, to be fair as I finished it I realised I wasn’t as in love as at first sip, but still, pretty good, and fairly priced compared to the big boys.

I generally like GH, but as a lot of it is cask and served in south London pubs that aren’t super on top of their cask game, I’ve often had pretty poor pints.


Canadian Pumpkin ale, Berlin Session IPA and Bavarian dry hop lager. Here’s hoping they cut through my cold. Was tempted by a DIPA but chickened out - haven’t yet found something that strong that I genuinely enjoyed.


I’m on a pub crawl tonight around Holborn, Lincoln Inn Fields and Clerkenwell/Finsbury. I’m sitting here, an hour and a half or so before I finish work, wondering what will be out there on cask.


I see Cloudwater and Burning Sky have a collab beer coming out for Cloudwater’s 3rd birthday bash. Sound intriguing.


How boring