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don’t think i’ve even heard of Yuengling and Bell’s


Last night’s drinking:

St Austell Tribute at the Ship Tavern, Holborn. Always reliable.
Long Man IPA at the Shakespeare’s Head, Holborn. Very good.
Milk Street Funky Munky Pale Ale at the Knights Templar, Chancery Lane. A decent pint.
Sam Smith’s Double Stout at the Cittie of Yorke, High Holborn. Meh.
Dark Star Green Hopped IPA at the Craft Beer Co, Leather Lane. Excellent.
Marston’s English Pale Ale at The Gunmakers, Finsbury. OK but not great.


Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is a tremendous beer, but I’ve never seen it over here outside of a beer festival. You’re not missing anything with Yeungling.


Yeungling is from Pennsylvania, technically only just counts as “craft” because it’s a pretty big company, but very popular round the state and elsewhere. Pretty dull lager, quite similar to Sam Adams. If you’re in a bar there and ask for a beer / lager it’s what you get as standard.

Bell’s is a fantastic brewery from Michigan, and Two Hearted would be my desert island beer. It’s 100% centennial IPA, and it’s a thing of pure beauty - plus it has pretty wide distribution in the US, so it appears in charts like this. Would be great to see it more in the UK but they don’t seem interested in chasing the market like Founders / Firestone Walker / Lagunitas etc have done.


You ever drink in Seven Stars in Lincoln Inn Fields? Nice pub. Gunmakers has gone downhill IMO. Think it’s under newish ownership.


Yeah, that was my first time in the Gunmakers since Jeff left. Nowhere near as good from last night’s experience. I’ll have to make the trip out west to visit the pub he’s at now. I think I can just about bear to listen to his story about how his dad, who owned a shoe shop in Newcastle, sold a pair of shoes to Bo Diddley in the mid-sixties.

The Seven Stars is a great little pub, yes. Not sure why we missed it out last night, to be honest. I think it’s that my friend wanted to only go to pubs she’d never been to before.


Went to watch EMA at the brudenell last night

Had a pabst blue ribbon £2.95 a can
Several Northern monk Eternal £2.95 a can
Odell IPA £4 a can
Kirkstall Dexter chocolate stout £3 a pint

Ridiculous value


you went to knights templar but not temple brewhouse like 5 mins away??


Let me know how that flower power is it’s stocked in my local supermarket!


Love that place so much


We had to head in the other direction to meet other friends.


Interesting. Will look out for it!

On the subject of US beers, I tried some Sweet Water beers from Atlanta at Leeds Beer Festival. Really great, and apparently getting some distribution over here now…


absolute best venue in the world. Need to go back sometime, have a drinking session watching footy in the day and then whatever gig

Not seen their new gig room yet…


Ah fair play. Love a good pub crawl, haven’t been on one for ages.


Decent, quite bitter though. I liked it but wouldn’t pay the €3.50 or whatever it was again.


ah it’s like 2.25 euro I think here i think, will give it a try!


Good plan, damn craft beer shop markup! Any german brewers you’d especially recommend while I’m here?


where are you? might be a factor!


It’s good. Bit sterile but it’s only been open a week or so. Sound and lighting is great. Looked like they were prepping for more work on the ambiance too

They’ve made a separate bar area rather than having the noise from the bar. Great decision even though they could’ve made more money by not seperating it off

They’re also in the middle of renovating the games room.

2 gigs on last night and the bar was also packed with people not at the gigs.

Pyromartyr are playing there on a Sunday night. That could be a good football and gig day


Generally speaking though, I’ve never been amazed by a German craft beer, think their ingredients and processes are just too good for straight up pilsners etc.

That said I like: Wildwuchs in Hamburg, BRLO in Berlin and & Union in Munich (these three are the only cities that really do craft beer in Germany, so far)