DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I tried this yesterday. Really does taste like cherry coke. It’s a bit much tbh.


Gottingen, nearish Hanover. Yeah been having plenty of Pils but don’t think I’ve got the taste for them just yet.


that sounds Dutch, are you infact in Holland? :wink: (also how come?)

Ratsherrn from Hamburg is pretty good too, might be able to find that there?


That’s what everyone says haha! And visiting my TV who’s moved here for work and is German herself - hence why I always took interests in your recent posts because we seem to be in oddly similar situations. Funny how that works sometimes.


found some wanker places in lisbon, had a to ol haze craze which was amazing and some local portuguese ales (letra?) which were great too.

that’s all I’ve got


I’ve had a lot of good beers


Finished rainbow project beers last night, wasn’t impressed by any of them. Wild beer seaweed and foraged fruits sour was the only one that was decent.

Better luck next year best breweries in the world.


I enjoyed a couple of pints of Wiper & True’s Huckleberry last night. Worth a try if you see it on tap and fancy something a bit different


Shep. bush b***dog having a siren craft brew tap takeover this weekend FYI londoners


Looks good tbh.


Having a Cloudwater DDH IPA. Not mad on it. Tastes slightly smoked.

Wife is having a Hacker Pschorr Munich Gold and wishing I could swap.


One of my least favourite things in the world is buying a beer online for £5 that I’m really excited about and not enjoying it too much. Sorry you had this several times over!

Went up to beavertown today, the Yuzilla Phantom and Beavillirium were v good.

Pressure drop has opened a taproom next door but none of their beers were up to much. Shame really, I remember when I first moved to London and the craft beer scene was moving quick, I really liked a few of theirs.


Does anyone have any recommendations for good beer subscription boxes? Sort of interested in trying something out.


They’re all muchness really. Just try a few and cancel those you don’t like. FWIW, Beer52 are ok


Decent craft beer places around Barbican?


The Sutton Arms was good when I last went a few years ago.


These a post from the 20/03 about beer around the Barbican




Old red crow
B***dog clerkenwell

off the top of my head


Excellent thanks.
Old red cow looks good. Will try there.