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  • Christmas is a Tory holiday.

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Do I want a beer advent calendar this year? I can’t remember how much I enjoyed the one I had last year but I also feel like it’s one of the few Xmas traditions I can still be bothered with.

If you vote Yes, please suggest a good place to buy one.


I wasn’t impressed with the one I got online last year but I’m very tempted by my local beer shops one, they also deliver for a fiver.


The year before last I order 24 beers from the Brewdog site because they offered my free postage or something, and Wor Lass turned the packaging into an advent calendar for me.

Maybe I’ll just buy myself 24 beers I know I think I’ll like rather than letting strangers curate a box of stuff I’m not necessarily interested in drinking.


Not sure that’s how Christmas works.


Looking after a mates hamster for a week :hamster:


:’) wrong thread dickhead


Which part do you disagree with?


It’s a bit like buying all your own presents isn’t it. Getting shit stuff is part and parcel of Christmas.


Yeah but it’s advent, not Xmas.

And I am such a fucking control freak I probably would buy all my presents if I could…


They’re having a load of those Northern Monk beers at a takeover at Koeschip Yard in Glasgow, wasn’t planning to go, but after the sounds of that… might have to


I bought a can of this on Saturday. Very nice. Had it with a curry.


Oooh yeah, it’d be a top curry beer


You should they do some cracking beers. Good bunch o lads too


Beavertown X Other Half Dead and Berried

Raspberry pale (6.2%)

This is actually a really nice. v. close to being a bit too sweet/ sickly, but it pulls it back at the end with a sour tang imo.


The what now?



It’s linked to the Salt Horse and the Hanging Bat in Edinburgh, opened a few weeks back in the Southside, near Queens Park! It’s pretty excellent, probably the best selection in Glasgow now.


oh yeah I heard about that place, makes perfect sense as south side doesn’t have anything crafty yet


Didn’t know the salt horse and hanging bat were linked tbh.

Thanks will check it out.


Hmm nahh would be much better if it was closer to where I live


aye because the west end has nothing right. also, it is close to where you live :stuck_out_tongue: