DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Quite nice. Slightly weird aftertaste. Doubt you’d know it was CRAB JUICE unless someone told you.


Just had a WhatsApp conversation with somebody I know who had this earlier. They said it was grim.


Its just way too salty imo. Like someone put a load of sea water in a pinapple gose.


Might pick a can up, just because


This is quite near me. I might not make the Northern Monk event but I like that it’s there.


It’s amazing, it’s 5 mins from my flat, good ol Strathbungo


Wait what


Nice little haul from Portsmouth and Southampton


Northern Monk - Slamdank
Siren - Comfortable Silence
Lost + Found - APA R3.2


Northern Monk - Mango Lasso Heathen (yes!)
Burning Sky - Hellertau Blanc and Petite Saison
Partizan/Kernal - Quadruple


Dry & Bitter Fat & Fruity IPA on draft earlier

It really is nice


How nice is that can???


Off to magic rock tap. Wooo.




Had to go to Glasgow yesterday, quite unexpectedly. Missed an LLF showing as flight home didn’t land 'til 10. Meant we got a couple of hours in Glasgow though. I hadn’t planned at all though, so was sat in a meeting Googling on the sly.

Opted for Shillings in the end. Had a very nice pizza, and a glass of their DIPA. Was lovely and juicy, and pretty reasonably priced. Also had a pint of Wiper and True Kaleidoscope, which I’d had before (very nice). Had to dash after that, so had a nice pint of Tennents at the airport.

Annoying in a way - would have liked to have had a whole evening.


Think that’s where @unlucky and the GYT took us bike wankers to. It was a great space and the beer was good, so was the pizza.


I’ve a few hours to kill in central London, currently sitting in Brewdog in Soho (they’ve got Cloudwater Chubbles, it’s pretty much perfect), where else should I go? Preferably somewhere that won’t be super busy and I can just hide in a corner.


Had a can of the Northern Monk and Verdant Captain North the other night. It was fine but that was about it. Maybe I was expecting too much from those two.

Trying not to buy anything new and work through my stash before I move. Got a load of Belgium beers from a trip to Ghent to get through.


Nowhere in Soho I really love TBH. Maybe wander down to The Harp? Or Craft Beer Co on Endell Street? The Lyric often has a few interesting things on.

But if you have a seat and it’s not too busy, I’d sit tight.


Craft beer co. endell st.
Holborn whippet (havent been there for a while though so it might have got crap?)

Both will be packed now though :frowning:


Temple brew house is like a 10min walk from holborn - decent day like today most people are in the street and the (basement) bar itself is quite empty… (@schadenfreude)


Yeah I’ll probably just stay here, thanks anyway!