DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



It is. It’s pretty good but Drygate and West are better spots for me.

Might get a third of salty kiss and see if I can drink it all, cos when in Rome eh @Witches


Oh are there any good bottle shops around here?


Not in them ends imo :frowning:

Couple of decent wine shops if you’re that way inclined, but nothing for beers really


They were all alright tbh. The space in shilling was grand, the beer in dry gate was decent as was the food, and west’s beer was nice. Top boozing.


We went to Magnet in Wimbledon today, we went to pop in The Trafalgar but there was nowhere to park around there (I wasn’t the driver so I could drink).

I’m not sure if was open anyway. One website said 12 and another 3. I’ll go back one day.

I’m well impressed by the guys in Magnet Trade though.


Salty kiss and wanky train beer, this is the life.


Favourite place that.

Jealous of that bearded lady one, wanted it for a while…


Jelly babies


I love the beer garden at West but I don’t love any of their beers. Drygate for me, Clive.


Can we go to drygate please


Yes please


Come back to Glasgow for another meat!! I was so sad I missed all of you!! Say yes!


I’ve such a mental year next year, but yes!


Haha, aw, welll you should.


Tried some of that Kentucky Tickle Monster this evening. Such a ridiculous beer.


I bloody loved it

@witches, I am well up for another trip up




I found the bourbon a bit overpowering but for a 16% beer it was amazingly drinkable.


It was a strong flavour, but the base beer is so good, that it doesn’t overpower the beer. Thought it worked well, and it’s insanely drinkable


I’m skint until the week after next and I don’t drink in November but I really want this beer.

Thanks fellas!