DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



There’s The Tickle Monster, a paltry 11% TIPA, then the Kentucky bourbon version at 16%. Both lovely, but I really enjoyed the Kentucky version.


Yo team, where’s good to drink in Oxford? Pint Shop? Beerd? Jericho Tavern? Or just stick to cask stuff?


And jumping on @hip_young_gunslinger’s post about recommendations…

I’m being transferred to Basingstoke (backwater of a place). Anyone have a recommendations for decent pubs for post work pints?


Pretty sure it’s 12 every day. Glad Magnet did the business.


Oxford is great for drinking. Done a few pub crawls there. Just had a dig through my Google maps and found this one that we did a few years ago. I remember Far From The Madding Crowd being very good, and being annoyed that it was the first on the list.


We always drink cask when we go there. Just seems very conducive to Oxford for some reason, and better for a crawl.

My mates brother lives there and his mate runs a pub on Cowley Road (Library) which had some decent stuff. That street seems to be where the younger cats drink, and offers a bit more craft beer wise. Also went to a place called Big Society which was alright.

Also down that way is the Magdalen Arms, which is brilliant if you’re looking for a dinner spot. Same people who own Anchor & Hope, Great Queen St, Canton Arms etc in London.


The way my head feels this morning I am kind of glad they were out when I asked for it. Do want to try it though.


Tiny beer festival today. Started off strong on a 7.3% Liverpool Organic Imp stout


This was stunning

Botched pano for the full beauty of the can


alright DBWTPZ, went to the cloudwater barrel store last night (think this a different from the tap?) anyway had a nice few beers. didn’t think too much of the pineapple colab one though in honesty, was a bit too sweet

track brewery was a few doors down and think I preferred the stuff there. can’t remember exactly what I had but it was real nice


More Almasty for me today…

What you drinking today, beer wankers?


Pohjala Prime Öö Islay BA Imperial Stout, 13.6% ABV

So good. Peaty, smoky, sweet. I love whiskey, so this is top for me.


Oh wow, that looks and sounds amazing.


Hey chaps


Had 4 of these, what a day.


Oh my. Sunday afternoon drinking


Oh yes. DEYA eh? I’d be extremely interested in a bit of that and then a hundred of everything else please. Enjoy (although I’m sure you will of course). Sunday drinking is the best.


I know its pricey (out of interest, how much they charging…) + looks ugly af when poured but the verdant/other half is gooooood


£4.50 a half


The Verdant/Other Half DIPA “Now we are here” was superb, actually gave it a 5 on Untappd.

I also had the Verdant/DEYA DIPA “Jacob The Canary” which was also sublime.

Lastly i had a Cloudwater Saison Tettenger, They had loads of good cans too.

I used to go to Bromley a lot as friends lived in Beckenham and Shirley so we always went to Bromley. Im going to have to start going back more regularly


We’re about to stock Red Cat Tomcat (American Pale Ale) and Red Cat Riesenrad (“Vienna & Cascade Smash”). Any good?