DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Will also be cracking open that Wylam one shortly.


Pretty Mess :heart_eyes:


Thats what I’m starting with. I was like an excited kid in a sweet shop.


Almasty IPA has a lovely tropical tint to it.


had it this week, very nice stuff. bit more ‘trendy’ than Wylam’s usual IPAs


I was dubious that I’d like this Ice Cream IPA but it is lovely.


Might pick up one of the half-price beer hawk advent calendars. £37.50 for 24 cans seems like a pretty decent deal. Obviously I’ll just empty them out of there. Bit late to start an actual advent calendar.


Beerhawk also have a tempting 20% off orders over £50 ATM. I always get a few in for Xmas and my just go mental.Free delivery over £50 too.

I want a barley wine to share with the old man at some point over Christmas. I’ve never really had any. Does anyone know where to start? Kinda tempted to get the northern monk malt but think my pops would prefer a more traditional bottle. Any ideas?


Also, have never tried any of the other Buxton omnipollo stouts. They get a lotta love but always seem so expensive (I’m a poor beer wanker), but as it’s the season think I may treat myself. What’s the best one if I just get one bottle? Either texas pecan or rocky road are on honest brew…


I’d get both of them if possible. They are both very nice but I slightly preferred the Texas Pecan one (scored them both 5 on untappd though).


The Texas Peacan is really nice.


Dont think im connected to any of you lot on Untappd, but this is me: https://untappd.com/user/kilic


Five Points do a lovey Old Greg (I think it’s called) Barley Wine. Harvey’s too iirc.


Buxton are now selling direct online - including Yellow Belly and Yellow Belly Sundae (at least they were there yesterday).


That’s a fantastic Barley Wine.


I nearly bought a can of that on Friday, but the 11% put me off a little. Might pop back before Xmas and get one…

Picked up these.


The Waterloo Tap is selling a small batch mint choc stout from Twickenham brewery. It’s great - the sweetness is massively dialled down.


Just realised that Evil Twin one is 12%


Had a couple in the Hitachino Brewing Lab last night.

Lots of good craft beer in Tokyo.


This made an appearance last night. Still lovely