DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Was also there this weekend. Just had to stop doing the conversion to pounds as it would put me off of buying anything. The guy in Mikkeller did try and suggest an £20 can though.


Meeting a good mate tomorrow for beers at my local. It was his 40th a few weeks ago and he loves German lagers, so I’m making him a box of 8 with a card to score each one. Done myself one too (it is Christmas).

Bit limited as only have a day left and have had to source from shops around Clerkenwell, and my local place in Wimbledon (which had loads, but half of them were way out of date).

I have…

König Pilsener
Paulaner Munich Helles
Bitburger Pils
Krombacher Pils
Benediktiner Hell
Augustiner Lagerbier

Have one more to get. Going to try M&S or Waitrose at lunch and see if I can get a Rothaus Tannenzäpfle or a Jever. Or maybe both and ditch the Bitburger or Warsteiner.


Bigger M&S stores have Hacker-Pshor (whatever the spelling is)


Oh yeah - with the Grolsch style top? Might get one of those.


Won’t find anything too exotic in M&S mate. Paulaner or Hacker Pschorr


Not a bad wine shop on Exmouth Market actually - Borough Wines. Have a few nice beers in there. Never had Benediktiner Hell before and got a couple in there. Very nice.


I’m sure I’ve seen Rothaus in there?






Sorry man.


Will check it out! (I really shouldn’t, I’ve spent so much on beer recently and really don’t need more)


I mean, nothing you’ve not seen elsewhere but handy to have somewhere in Clerkenwell if you want to get a couple of nice things at lunchtime for your Friday evening or whatever. Especially since Bottle Dog shut.

But you’re right. Also spent way too much on beer lately.


I mean this is all well and good but they’re all pretty much the exact same beer, with Augustiner slightly ahead of the rest of the pack


It’s just a bit of fun mate.


ok sorry enjoy :slight_smile:


if you can find Jever and Rothaus Tannenzäpfle do so, they’re both good and distinct!


Shame, as you could do quite a good mini crawl round Euston, which we did quite a bit when mates were visiting from Manchester. I’m going to go to the closing drinks on the 27th I think.

(Bloody love the London Drinker)


The Bree Louise got absolutely destroyed this week in a thread on the Facebook UK Craft Beer Forum (which is generally a hive of general awfulness) since people noticed the bar staff were regularly topping up pints with stuff that had gone in the drip trays…


Haha - really? They seemed to employ quite a few very young bar staff who a bit at odds with the ‘general vibe’ of the place.


Yeah it’s a closed group so I don’t think I can link to it but the general vibe was that it’s a good thing it’s being knocked down for HS2 (I’ve never been so couldn’t possibly comment).