DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



It was always a real CAMRA favourite so surprised that they let standards slip like that. Used to quite like doing there, the Doric Arch, Euston Tap and then Roti King.


Got these two luvvies and saved £1.50 because the guy assumed they were the same price :ok_hand:


I’ve had the top one. Was well nice.


Very, very middle class festival, but was planning a trip to the Peak District next summer anyway and spied this… Might try the whole “Oh wow! You’ll never guess what happens to be on right near the place I’ve rented” with the family.



The blue saison is ok, but nothing special


Had this sitting around for a year after buying it when it was on sale in January. Can finally drink it this weekend.


A bit off topic, but what is everyone’s favourite “big” brewery - let’s something that you can get in a good number of supermarkets.

Inspired by a good Drygate Mocha Stout I had last night (best coffee/chocolate beer I’ve had from a can or bottle yet) which makes them one of my top contenders, but for sheer range I’d still have to go Williams Bros; happy to drink Caesar Augustus or Joker at any time.


Still think probably Goose Island/Sierra Nevada are the best supermarket readily available easy drinking/session ales for me.

Would probably throw in a couple of elvis juices.

Saltaire Cascade Pale if at a waitrose.

Is Joker available south of the border now? Never seen it.


Yeah agreed it was nice but nothing amazing, that DIPA tho :astonished::astonished::astonished::fire::fire::fire:


Brewdog probably, for one that is genuinely available everywhere (plus they normally have a decent range available unlike Sierra Nevada or Goose Island). Magic Rock for one that you can occasionally get.

Thornbridge also are quite readily available (at least around me), and get a mention for being pretty much the only brewery that sell sours in supermarkets.

Don’t think I have seen Drygate outside bottle shops south of the border.


Yeah I’m aware my answers were very Scottish-specific haha, just interested to see what things are more popular down south. Just funny to see things that are commonplace for one person might be niche or unusual for someone else.


Best brewery by range? Probably Brewdog, Thornbridge or Vocation

Best readily available supermarket beers? Sierra Nevada, Goose Island probably


My local Tesco had the Goose Island wheat ale reduced to 75p to clear stock, bought one as a trial and wish I’d gone back to buy up everything they had! First wheat beer I’ve enjoyed that much.




Ooh. Good question. ‘Big’ is always a bit subjective, but I reckon… Brooklyn. Reminds me of holidays to New York and I remember being really chuffed when it started appearing in supermarkets. And now you can get a few different ones as well has the classic lage everywhere. Even in the tiny Tescos and Sainburys.


+1 for Vocation, and they’re even available in co-op now.


Wanky wine place by the local train station has expanded its beer section, and the prices are pretty great for That London. Got this lot for about £16.


I’m the same, while I don’t love their larger I get it every few months because it brings back such strong memories of doing the brewery tour (did you do that?) How are their other beers, larger is only one I’ve had.


I didn’t but I wish I had. Brooklyn Lager just reminds me of whiling away days in bars over there.

The other beers are quite nice. The East IPA is decent but strong, and the Summer Ale is very drinkable. But there’s just something about getting one of those cardboard 6-packs of bottles that reminds of popping into a ‘liquor store’.


Agreed re: Noa…lipsmackingly delicious stuff