DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



I wasn’t mad on that for some reason. I told the guy in We Brought Beer yesterday and he looked at me like I was insane.


Blimey. What train station? I have a tin of that Small Vic one that I might have this evening.


Topped up the Xmas beers yesterday. Really not sure about that Pink Lemonade one, but I made the classic mistake of asking for a recommendation and then being too polite to say “Err, sounds weird” and buying it anyway.


Highams Park, just past Walthamstow. The place is called Vinoramica. Small selection of beers but it’s getting better!


Ah - nice! A good mate of mine moved there recently. I’ll let him know.


Loved the normal lemonade IPA, the pink lemonade IPA wasn’t much cop. Huge disappointment


It’s really light - in taste and feel - compared to most stouts and porters, definitely next to an imperial. I feel like they tried something different and it’s worked.




That’s my end of town - will investigate this.


Got these in for a scandi christmas

1 Ton of…Blackcurrant
Sur New England Shandy
Sur Cedar
Yolo Maelk

Magic Valley DIPA w/Guava
Stone the crows NEIPA

Ive got pils now what
Theres a cold beer in my fridge
West coast dank

currently having a Even More Coco Jesus Imperial Stout.

Merry Beers wankers!



Little trip to Trafalgar Wines earlier.


I think they’re among the best of the NA (definitely the best supermarket one.)


Well, at least it was only £6.



Yes. Really light. And when I poured it and saw the colour my mind automatically expects something rich (even though the can can clearly says ‘Tropical’). Just couldn’t get my head around it.

Still finished the whole can obviously.


Best shop


Well, quite. Anything else would have been rude…




Yep Nanny State is really impressive for a NA beer.


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