DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



That Magic Rock Cherry Cola one is absolutely bonkers. Liked it though


Yeah, I really like Nanny State. Got a load in when I was off the booze and it’s weird - they really scratched the beer itch. I’d get in from work and neck one and it would totally satiate my desire for alcohol.


It was suprisingly decent. I’ll be driving home in a bit where ive got some nice DIPAs waiting for me.


The Cranachan one was better than I expected, nice and tart and not overly sweet at all!


Flat Tire by Pistonhead is surprisingly good too


Quite funny looking at you guys on Untappd, @Severed799 and @nestor especially, over Christmas. Start out hitting the big guns and tasty beers, then spend the back end of boxing day on the 3 for £5 from Tesco or Sainsbury’s or wherever.

I’m onto the drinking the presents stage of Xmas now. Nothing special, but beer’s beer


I didn’t really get to drink too much over Christmas due to driving both days. I had a Lervig “Christmas Shake” when I finished driving late on Christmas night though, which was fantastic. Plus a couple of good ones late last night.

I’ve got a couple of DIPAs sitting at home, I’m especially looking forward to the Buxton one which I might have tonight when I get home.

I’m not driving on New Years Eve, others are coming to ours, so that will be my beer night.


the shittier beers were a selection my parents got in for me in my defence (but also I’m on a budget)


had that splatter berry the other night, very good




I never really committed to Untappd as just looking at my recycling bin on a Wednesday fills me with remorse and mild disgust. Part of me does want to log all of these beers though…


Only had 3 non lager beers over Christmas. And 4 lagers.

Untappd is fine, but if you feel like you’ve missed it, it’s probably not worth it. Plus I get envious of people that live in places with actual decent pubs and beer. We miss out on a load in Winchester


For anyone who drives on the M6 much, you have to visit Tebay. The best service station around, no questions. £8 total for this lot

NOTE - This post only condones shopping and driving, not drink driving


I took @plasticniki and @plasticmike to Glasgow in the summer. We stopped at tebay and they got #carbeerz. I was very envious, but I was driving so…


Got it at the M&S at Chesser, believe it or not. £2.20!


How’s this for yer shite Beers. @rich-t


Which one and how was it?


Oh, the Fierce raspberry one. They had loads of Fierce and Tempest bottles v cheap.

I’ve noticed some of the train station M&Ses are selling Magic Rock now as well.


Big night in with the lads tonight

(Photo stolen from @DJRoomba)


I was in Lewes today, so had to visit Harveys.