DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Having the Brewdog/Omnipollo I Wanna Be Your Dog & it’s absolutely outstanding. It’s like drinking a chocolate muffin, but in a good way.


Just cracked open one of the Beavertown Tempus project beers I’ve had in the cupboard for about a year. The Moonshiner Berliner Weisse. It’s actually really delicious. Way better than I expected it to be. Lovely and lemony and refreshing.


Picked up this lot around Christmas. Found the bourbon and pecan Noas up in Liverpool at the Dead Crafty Beer Company, the younger, trendier relative of The Ship & Mitre.


Mexicake is dead good


The description had my undivided attention - found it in the local Oddbins. They never have a huge range but there’s always something worth drinking on the shelf.


That’s a heck of a selection!


Got this gift set to tide me over for a night-in in Sydney.


Having generous parents is grand

Just managed to miss out on the DIPA Mango Lassi that everyone was raving about so it’s bittersweet frankly :frowning:


We should probably start a new thread for 2018 but, until then, I’m drinking draft Omnipollo Noa Pecan Mud Cake before the Merseyside derby. It’s :ok_hand::clap::clap:.



Popped to my local brewery for a couple of takeaways. They’re still fucking shut for Xmas!


I’m all about a good Christmas break but that is something else. Any other options?


Tbf I’m up at 4.30 tomorrow morning, so don’t need anything. Will drink the brooklyn EIPA ive got in the fridge. Might head down the beer wanker shop in Southampton after work tomorrow though


Picked up earlier…

Darkstar/Harbour - Hopfenweisse
Unbarred - BNEIPA
Northern Monk - Sticky Toffee Strannik
Northern Monk - Dark Neapolitan
3 pints of Vibrant Forest - Walking Beer

The Sticky Toffee Strannik is incredible, but only in small measures. Wouldn’t want more than a tin or a half.


Took an adventurous gamble and let me tell you it has not paid off


Whaaaat. I really like this. Feels like a rich dessert

They’ve got it in my local spoons for £3.


IF a good peanut butter stout exists I sure haven’t tasted it. And I LOVE peanut butter.


Has anyone tried this? Love the idea but based on these reactions I’m wary…


I love peanut butter and i love milk stout and this tastes like being sick in reverse

Thirdsday thread: The One Where Jeremys_Iron Inadvertently References Friends And Is Subsequently Mortified

I Believe @badmanreturns hated it once


One of the only beers I’ve ever poured down the sink

Thirdsday thread: The One Where Jeremys_Iron Inadvertently References Friends And Is Subsequently Mortified