DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



This one is also good

You’re all crazy


I don’t really like super sweet beers tbf, sobeven Yellow Belly was a bit lost on me


God I fucking hated that beer. It’s so thin and artificial and chemical-tasting.


I drank this last night. It was wonderful.


I’ve got one of these sitting on my shelf. If i wasn’t ill, I think it would be drunk already.


Yankee Sandwich from wild beer is the best one I’ve had


Actually good or just the best of a bad bunch?


I like most them, but I thought Yankee Sandwich was great


God I wish I’d poured mine down the sink. Absolutely fucking foul muck.


I normally hate beers like this, but I really liked this. Got that sickly Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup taste. Small doses only.


Had Brooklyn’s Chocolate Stout the other day, not as good as I remember it being :neutral_face:, 10% but also slightly watery tasting somehow. Think it might be that I’d just had better beers the 4 or 5 years since I last had it (BBNo 10|10 Coffee Porter on the other hand was fairly imense)


Think we should have a 2017 round up? Best pale/stout/sour/other/pub/festival etc.?


DiS Glasgow meet


They’re selling some Northern Monk stuff at my local Morrisons (new age NEIPA and their session IPA iirc)



Best released that year or best that you came across ?


Came across, don’t think anyone is arsed about release date, are they?


I couldn’t tell you exactly cuz I had a bout 100 over that weekend but it will have been while I was in Copenhagen for Haven Fest


Oh I forgot I had a lovely coconut, vanilla and cardamom porter a couple of days ago from the Pohjala lads called Talveöö


Picked up a fuller’s vintage from waitrose. And one of them toast ales.


Couldn’t get back to sleep this morning so did mine

Pale: Cloudwater - DIPA v11 or Wylam - Ham-fisted (had a few equal on 4.5 on untappd so had to go on what I remember enjoying the most)
Stout/Porter: Magic Rock - Bearded Lady Barrel Aged Bourbon dessert edition (again couple tied in Untappd ratings)
Sour: Mad Hatter - Tzatziki Sour
Other: Magic Rock - Cherry Cola vice (listed as a sour but didn’t find it sour)
Festival: Hop City
Bar: 6 degrees North, Glasgow.