DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Going by my untappd ratings…

Pale: Verdant - Maybe One More PSI
Stout/Porter: Modern Times - City of the Dead or Omnipollo - Anagram
Sour: Beavertown - Tempus Project Moonshiner
Other: Legitimate Industries - Belgian Quad

Conversely my absolute worst beer was By The Horns - Wolfie Smith, which smelled and tasted like absolute toilet.


Pale: Cloudwater DIPA V12/Birthday DIPA

Stout/Porter: Buxton Yellow Belly Sundae/Ice Cream Texas Pecan Pie/Maple Truffle Waffle Ice Cream

Sour: Wild Beer BA Yakodai

Other: Schneider Weisse Aventus Eisbock (12% Eisbock)/Kasteel Cuvee du Chateau (Belgian quad)


Texas Pecan was on my shortlist with Drygate Double Orinocco.


Both of those are a Good Bunch of Beers.


Right also going through untappd

Pale: DEYA - High Planes Drifter or Wylam - Open to persuasion
Stout/Porter: Buxton - Original Texas Pecan Ice Cream
Sour: Beavertown - Tempus Project Moonshiner
Other: Little Earth Project - Organic Harvest Saison
Festival: None this year
Bar: Brus, Copenhagen

Worst beer goes to some horrible Lychee one from Bali.


I’ve tried several By the Horns beers and they’ve all ranged from slightly worse than average to absolute dogshit.


Terrible brewery


Another list from Untappd

Pale: Tree House Doppleganger, Trillium Congress Street, Cloudwater Birthday DIPA

Stout/Porter: Prairie / Evil Twin Barrel Aged Bible Belt, Prairie Paradise, Yellow Belly Sundae

Sour: Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus

Other: Allagash Curieux (bourbon barrel aged tripel)

Festival: Beavertown Extravaganza

Bar: I didn’t get out much this year, was impressed with the Tiny Rebel tap house in Cardiff though.


Good in there


Pains me to say it as they’re local to me, but they really aren’t great.

They’re a short walk from my house and the tap room is a brilliant great place to go with kids en route to get lunch in Tooting or Earlsfield, but i’ll almost always opt for the guest beer (usually Belleville).

The first things I had from them were Stiff Upper Lip and Mayor of Garratt which were both on cask and both very good. Excellent, actually. Then I think their head brewer left and they starting doing loads of really odd keg/bottled beers. Samba King and the Two Tone Lager are especially bad.


Probably biggest regret of last year not going to that.


Samba king is fucking awful


This is why I need to get back on Untappd. I think my only list is in this thread…

Festivals: I’m yet to go to one of the new wave of beer festivals. Remain a fan of weird CAMRA ones where all the men wear sandals and have Gandalf style walking sticks
Bar: First visits to Cloudwater in Manchester and The Antelope in Surbiton were pub/bar/tap room highlights. Also enjoyed trips Shilling Brewing Company in Glasgow, The Waterloo Tap and the new Mother Kellys. So many great places to drink these days.


These are the best though


The beer’s always a bit warm, though isn’t it.


They really are. Sessionable ales, shit sandwiches, Morris Dancers, and I’m a huuuge fan of a takeout in one of those milk bottle things for the train home.


Isotonic mate.


And? It costs £1.60 for a very generous half


Always found there’s a direct correlation between beard length and the generousness of the halves.


Go to one in Portsmouth in October and they will generally give you 2/3rds instead of halves for silly prices.