DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Got this one in a few weeks

Then going to hop city on the Saturday after a wedding in Fife on the Friday. Probably a bad idea.


WTF is warehouse food?


No idea, don’t intend to find out, will stick to beer.


The best way at a beer festival


From Untappd too:

Pale: Cloudwater DIPA v11 (v10 & v13 about the same)

Stout/Porter: Bourbon Coffee Broken Dream by Siren (Rum one is good too), followed by Macchiatto by Wylam

Sour: very tough, loved and had lots of both Chorlton’s Golding Sour and Boon Oude Geuze. All the To Ol Surs where great, but my highest rated was the big bottle of Tilquin Stout Rullquin someone bought me whilst pretty drunk in Manchester.

Other: maybe Lemon Meringue Pie by Buxton/Omnipollo or Damn Dead Strawberry by Wild Weather Ales, both sort of fruity sours though

Festival: Cambridge Beer Festival (only real one. I went to a mini-festival thing at Crown & Anchor on Brixton Road which was good too)

Bar: Craft Brixton probably, Crown & Anchor and Stormbird both good too but worse seats. Plus, enjoyed the Cloudwater and Magic Rock tap rooms.


Just seen Fullers Vintage Ale and Imperial Stout reduced to half price in my local Waitrose. Worth keeping an eye out…


My local isnt stocking them and it’s a pretty big Waitrose


Did it not have them at all or are they just all gone?


Mine neither.

Bought three (online) and I ended up drinking two of them when I was bored over Xmas.


Not at all. I am disappoint


How much is half price?


3 that I’ve not had which is quite lucky.


Got some Beerbliotek stuff in which I cant wait to crack into

Eternal Darkness (9.5%) Imperial IPA
Not guilty the juice IPA (7.5%) IPA
A passion for gingers (3.8%) Passion fruit and ginger berliner


£2.99 for the Vintage, £3.99 for the Imps. I shared it on Twitter with a lot of response, it doesn’t seem to be very widespread, might just be one shop clearing shelf space. Quite funny though, considering both those bottles go up in value quite considerably over time.

To make up for suggesting unobtainable bargains, have this instead - some of the prices are insane:


Do you reckon anyone buys those really expensive ones? I had a look on eBay just out of curiosity and am watching a few auctions and they never seem to sell. Which is basically what made me decide to drink two of the 2016 ones. Really nice.


I don’t actually know. I’d imagine this would set the going rate:


Yeah it was great!


Not seen it in ages mind


Pale: Cloudwater Chubbles or Verdant Further
Stout: Magic Rock Hazelnut Bearded Lady or Brewdog/Omnipollo I Wanna Be Your Dog
Sour: Wild Beer BA Yadōkai or Siren Acid Jam
Pub: Koelschip Yard in Glasgow


No, it was years ago I had it, wish they’d bring it back.