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2014 according to my untappd


And this was amazing


It really was, I’d had it in a bottle but it was even better on draft!


Yeah, I had a bottle back in May I think. Was amazing. The De Dolle Oerbier reserve 2015 was similar, but not as complex


there’s no way I could realistically do a proper list by beer but in general my 2017 was:

best new brewery: Verdant
best returning brewery: Cloudwater
best brewery that is finally getting some recognition: Wylam
best brewery collab project: Northern Monk Patrons Project
best new readily-available beer: Lupuloid IPA
best returning beer: Omnipollo/Buxton Lemon Meringue Pie, always, forever
best tap room: Wylam still - shout out North in Leeds too
best pub: Stormbird still, but shout out Free Trade Inn in Byker
most annoyingly good type of beer that I used to say was ‘too strong’ and now I drink all the time: DIPA
beer most sessioned in pubs watching football: Gypsy Hill Hepcat (weirdly hit and miss brewery, some of their other beers are fucking awful)
worst beer: dunno probably some Thornbridge or something awful


The hell is that?


In Glasgow




Shut up m8


No u





I know right so cool


The coolest


Just looked it up, new place in south side eh? Makes total sense to be fair, is it owned by a brewer or indie do you know? Looks real nice!


Yeah it’s in the southside, near Queens Park station. It’s owned by New Wave, distributors who also own a few other places like the Salt Horse in Edinburgh.

It’s pretty amazing, 14 keg lines & two cask, have a look at their taplist on @KoelschipDraft on twitter, they get some pretty fantastic stuff in. Oddly they only do 1/3 and 2/3 measures, and don’t accept cash (card only) but it’s seeming to be pretty successful. It also has the bonus of only being a few minutes walk from my flat, lets me bring my dogs, and lets you bring in takeaway from Ranjit’s Kitchen across the road, so it’s pretty much my perfect bar.


OH really?! New Wave used to be the affiliated distributors for Hippo, I wonder if there’s ex-Hippoers there…

That does sound pretty magic though, will need to go next time I’m up, going to a wedding at Queen’s Park bowling club next summer so will duck out at some point :wink:


Yeah I think Dom the manager might have been ex hippo (not sure whether taproom or shop)


yep, Dom was the manager of the taproom when it went down, previously at BrewDog. That’s cool, glad someone got out of there alive ha


Pretty sure we chatted about this up thread, southside, good boozer.