DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Actually, works really well, I thought.

Didn’t know they owned the salt horse, they know how to make a good bar eh.

Really need to get down again and go to Ranjit’s


Yeah, I think it’s way better than cash for a pub, way faster.


Felt a bit less weird than paying for a third in cash, somehow.


Brewdenell tomorrow gonna get cunted


Was probably drunk


Ranjit’s is awesome, def go!


What are the prices like?


Honestly, can’t remember but I wasn’t shocked, think I posted a pic of the menu/prices up thread when I was there actually.


This one @Severed799

So around 2 quid a 3rd, not cheap but not too expensive.


Yeah doesnt seem too bad


I’m moving to a new role at work on Monday and my team bought me a £50 Mother Kellys (I live right near the Vauxhall one) giftcard. Which was so nice!


Oh, hello.


So fucking good.


Absolutely ruddy bloody wonderful.


I’m drinking Heineken. I’m so envious


SO that’s like 5 Beers then!!!

(J/k that is awesome I would love to receive that as a gift :wink: ESPECIALLY if I were moving to MK)


My top 10 of 17 according to what I put on Untappd


  1. Cloudwater - BA Ardbeg Imperial Stout
  2. Prairie - Bible Belt imperial stout

3) Omnipollo - NOA Pecan Mud Cake Stout
4) Brewdog - AB:24
5) Northern Monk - Leeds Lurking Imperial Stout
5) Cloudwater - Bourbon BA Tripel
7) Alesmith - Speedway Stout
8) Brewdog - Paradox Rye
9) Northern Monk - DC3 Iceland Coffee Porter
10) Cloudwater - DDH Spring Summer Chinook Citra


Almost made that joke myself tbh


Online haul, delivered.

Put modus in the ‘special occasion’ section at the bottom of my wardrobe.


Can anyone recommend a beer gift set thing for £10-20ish for my mate for his birthday? He’s into most craft beers but in particular, stouts, porters and IPAs. He’s a bit of a sucker for things like Coffee Porter, Irn Bru Ale or Chocolate Stout if that helps at all. But basically looking for something I can get that’ll be delivered in time for Friday so UK/RoI based I imagine.