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Hello fellow Beer Wankers

I’m going to Manchester for the first time in a couple of weeks and I know the beer scene is ridiculous there. I’ve searched the forums for recommendations but there’s been nothing recently updated.

I know all the big breweries and the like but if people could hit me up with suggestions on places to drink and eat while I’m there that’d be sweet. I’d like a good mix of ~craft~ and more traditional old fashioned pubs (if they happen to keep good cask ale then that is a bonus) try and get a good feel for the city kinda thing. Any veggie scran and good beer combos would be sweet.

Any cool things to do while I’m there would be welcome too. It’ll be my first time in that there North, my only previous excursions south of the wall have been to London and various parts of Berkshire and Surrey. Pretty excited.


nah just cloudwater m8


I didn’t ask for tips for the most overrated places m9


jk I do still enjoy a cloudwater bevvy but think there’s been a huge drop off since the v series finished and they just decided they wanted to do a “collaboration” for every fucking beer.

I’m still gonna go and spend all my money there tho


DID you get into hot snakes tonight though?


Bundobust for Indian food and good beer. All vegetarian and most of it’s vegan as well. Grub is decent as well, open Fri / Sat / Sun, bunch of different street food traders and near to loads of other brewery taps like track, alphabet and unit 101 (the beermerchants place). Sunday is all vegan food as well. Cafe Beermoth is nice, as is the bottle shop on Tib Street, Pilcrow next to Victoria Station is supposed to be really good, but I’ve never been to it personally, same with Marble’s Marble Arch (though I really like their bar on Thomas Street). Blackjack’s pub The Smithfield is really nice as well.


Did I fuck. I’ve spent the night doing absolutely nowt, realised at 9pm that Lylo has their album launch at Stereo with Pleasure Pool and Kaputt which was only a fiver to get in, which I definitely should have gone to. Wasted day.


This is all good info and backs up what I’ve seen on UKCBF posts but from an actual human. I think Bundobust is a must. I’m going to see Wild Beasts at the Apollo so if there’s anywhere near by that’s worth checking out before or after the gig then that’d be good to know to.


Pilcrow is great, mate of mine designed the lighting in there. Second the Bundobust shout. If you fancy one straight of the train Piccadilly Tap is the one. If you’re going to Cloudwater would also recommend alphabet and unit 101. Basically wanted to reinforce how good @songforsaturday post was

I miss Manchester :frowning:


Found a craft beer bar literally 5 mins walk from my hotel in HK, which I’m quite pleased with. Trying a few local brews.


Just remembered I went to evil Brewdog in Tokyo and they didn’t have one single Japanese beer on.

And the first time I went, it was like 11:20 and it was due to shut at midnight and they’d already locked up.

Two more black marks against them.


Fuckin Brewdog


The absolute fuckery of having no local brews on tap is unforgivable. Not as though there aren’t good Japanese beers. Bet they were selling their own Tokyo stout though eh?


I can’t remember but probably. Don’t think they even had any japanese bottles just magic rock/beavertown type stuff.

Luckily round the corner there was a great pub called AntnBee which had great japanese ale on. Though it was quite dangerous as it stayed open til 6am.


Japanese Izakayas are ruddy brilliant places.


They’re all pretty average


as well as @songforsaturday 's great recommendations get yourself to port street beer house, possibly the best of the lot. angel is good if you’re walking up to marble as well.

apollo’s a bit out of town and no decent pubs right next to it unfortunately. personally I’d stay round Piccadilly where a lot of these choices are and get a bus/ taxi to the apollo depending on your liking


Yes it is


Tonight’s offerings, the gose was particularly good


Great to hear. Howling Hops are good now to be fair, but their staff must be sick of still being asked why they don’t sell pints of ‘normal lager’. To be honest, there’s a dearth of bad beer bars round there that cater to football crowds. The majority of fans just want a pint of generic ale or lager, so lots seem to head straight to the ground, or drink at one of the pop up style places (Trumans do one).