DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Went to the Bree Louise last night as a friend knows the landlord. Was heaving so only stayed for a couple. Pretty dull selection, and the place has been quite neglected, but always a shame to see a pub go. Popped into the Euston Tap for the first time in ages too. Good to see it still gets busy despite being in a weird location.


Oh - also had a bottle from my Buxton order. Buxton x Omnipollo Original Maple Truffle Ice Cream Waffle. Ohhhh, man. So nice. Savoured it after dinner in front of Thor Ragnarok.


Really good stuff. Proper maple syrup taste


Had a bottle of Siren Sheltered Spirit which I thought was fantastic. Think the tamarind just stops it getting too sweet.

Ordered a couple of bottles of Yellow Belly so looking forward to trying that.


This is pretty much what The Marble Arch is - really enjoyed that place. Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza is excellent, and I really like Takk for coffee and brunch. Most of the other places I’ve been to (Alphabet, Cloudwater, Beermoth, etc.) are likely already on your radar.


Not been to The Marble Arch, but Marble also have a pub in Chorlton which is great. Always a few good cask ales on.

Cloudwater is good because it’s so close to the train station, and Track a few doors down is worth a look too. Port Street Beer House not too far away either.


Someone on the the UK Craft Beer group on Facebook sparked a big thread on the Bree Louise because they spotted the barstaff topping up pints with the contents of the drip tray…


Ooh a lot of great Marble beer at The State @aweirdexits


I had a pint of Marble Stouter in the State with our favourite plant based milk MC one time and it was probably the best pint I ever had in there. I like Marble a lot so I’ll check out the Marble Arch. I can’t wait to drink beer again.


Beer52 Amsterdam box arrived - had the Dutch take on bitter which was pretty nice and super drinkable. Most excited for the white IPA.


Really need to work on my artistic skills, my photos never do the beers any justice. Rest of you put me to shame with your lovely countertops


Hello beer wankers.
Please can I get pub recommendations for Purley? Going to meet a friend there tomorrow after work and would like somewhere not horrible if possible.


Pretty impressive showing from the UK in the Ratebeer awards:



That’s great. 8/100 is decent. Love that Fullers are on there.


the first one’s from corfu! will see if any are in cities I’m visiting this year…


Yeah, they’re not in any ranking (aside from the top ten) but I guess they’re all worth checking out.


Not a lot in Purley, instead get the train two stops to Whyteleafe for the Radius Arms.


this reminds me, Muted Horn (deservedly) won best bar in Germany and so are having a celebration featuring only 99-100% rated beers:


After being on the phone trying to sort out dodgy bank accounts (see Identity Fraud thread) I’m finally on route to West Ham. I think I’ll start or most likely stay at Mason and Co. I hope its good.


look at this can :heart_eyes: