DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Verdant are crowdfunding for a tap room.


Thanks. I’ll suggest it but it might be a bit of a faff. Is there anywhere in Purley that isn’t too bad? Doesn’t need to be beer wankery just ok. Couple of half-decent ales will do the trick. She drinks pints of ale and isn’t too fussy. The Jolly Farmer was suggested.


20% funded in one day, not too shabby.


The Jolly Farmers is rough and shit. Id say the Pear Tree is your best bet.

But seriously its 5 minutes to whyteleafe on the 407 bus and The Radius Arms is great.


Im at Mason and Co. its great but was a fucker to find.




‘Barman too excited’ is good quality awkward British


Ha I was like ‘yeah, fair enough’ at that bit.


Got this lot delivered earlier. Quite a northern /Scottish feel to it. Looking forward to trying yellow belly even though I’ve not liked other peanut butter stouts.
The buxton cranachan on sounds good too.


We went there too! Liked it. Very quiet which was nice.

Had a Zapato lactose IPA called All The PPL, and a Magic Rock milk porter. Both really nice. Wonder how many calories are in those things?

Flyer in Howling Hops on the way home.


Also liked the look of Four Quarters. My mates son who comes to games with us would enjoy it there, although he is a big fan of Howling Hops £1 deposit system for cups (made nearly £20 one Saturday).


I had the Zapato too as well as Sleeping Lemons and No Rest For Dancers, I had food as well which was nice.

I was the sad sack sat on his own in the corner.


Four Quarters Peckham? Love that place


Near Hackney Wick. Assume it’s the same people. Didn’t go in but looked good!


Yeah, it’s the same people.


hackney wick one looks approx 500x nicer than the peckham one, which was basically a complete dump last time i went in there. cool idea but it’s gone really downhill since it opened.


I’ve only been once, so can’t remember, do you have to pay for the machines? I think I just played Mario Kart 64 that was set up on a projector so it was free…


Yeah, I remember seeing it on Rye Lane on a rare trip to Peckham a few months ago. Surprised at how ropey it looked - dark, weird temporary sign, scummy awnings… The new one looks really nice.


personally I love how dingey the peckham one is!


yeah, four quarters a pop :wink:

they also have consoles you can play for free though