DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



yeah it’s pretty cheap to play the games, you get 4 quarters for a quid and most games are 1 quarter a go. and the n64 is free. and the beers are alright. but yeah it’s just really grim in there ha.


Four Quarters did look nice. But I got horrendously lost trying to Mason and Co, I got the train to Stratford and then tried using the built in maps on my iPhone. Ended up taking me to a dead end near the Velodrome.
Switch to google maps, and then it was straight forward.


I always get so disorientated round there. Doesn’t help that everywhere looks exactly the same.


Getting to the ground after was really straight forward, at least next time I know where to go.

Although the detour for the Palace fans after the game was a little bit too long.


Love that we’re sidestepping any mention of the game itself.


What game? I did have a good seat, but the match was dire wasn’t it.


Had mild pangs of jealousy when I met the guy who sits in my seat now. They’d pretty much faded by the 60min mark.


Cheers. The Radius it is! Looking forward to it very much. Going to get food in the tapas place a couple of doors down after I think.


Enjoy. You getting a bus or train? It’s quite easy to find.


Train to Whyteleafe station. Yeah, looks pretty easy. Just turn right at that roundabout.


How was it?


This weekend I shall enjoy my first ever Cloudwater and Magic Rock tipples. Was a bit difficult to explore yummy beers before with my finances but everything is actually going well! Hooray!


Loved it! Great recommendation. Pirate Captain was my favourite pint and the coffee porter was superb too. We’re already planning our next visit.


looking forward to being back into that situation!


Glad you enjoyed it, they are lovely people.


Sitting on my tod in brewdog shoreditch having a half of Fierce Beer / Devil’s Peak Imperial Cafe Racer (8.5%) and its a fucking treat.


Really looking forward to Saturday and running to the beer shop for wanky beer to watch with the rugby


i am gonna drink so much good beer this weekend. and some awful camden beer during the super bowl. will probably go to a nice pub on my day off on monday to make up for it, if i’m not too hungover.


Just got to the local for a quick one and…

Tap takeover!


you watching superbowl in that usual place that i’ve forgotten (good post mate)