DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



yeah the diner in soho - the beer selection over the last few years has gone from 6x lagunitas ipa (lethal), 6x founders all day (solid), to now 6x camden hells - can’t even choose the pale! bastards.

still, good deal all in, the food you get is insane. also last year they said ‘jug of rum punch per table’ which ended up being ‘500ml bottle of rum punch per person’ - didn’t even open it, would’ve probably never made it home from soho.


mmm 6x camden hells would pretty much make it a no-deal for me :smiley:


Camden beers are all on point since the new facility. If you don’t like the style I understand (or you have issues with the ownership), but they’re not bad beers at all.


Last night I had a half of Dark Star Imperial Stout. It’d been left in the pub cellar for a year before going on sale. And it was unbelievably good. If anyone is close enough to get to the Snooty Fox pub, by Canonbury Overground station, after work today, then I thoroughly recommend going there before it’s sold out.


I’ve never liked Camden beers, don’t see why it would change now!


I DJ’d at the Diner in Islington last summer/autumn and it was all Beavertown. I didn’t complain.


I see Camden Pale as equivalent to stuff like Five Points / Gamma Ray, though I’d probably choose them over it. The pils / helles are as good a “craft” lager as you’re likely to get, though I’d choose something authentically Czech / German over them if given the chance.


nah Camden are well below those for me i’m afraid!


yeah i have to agree with severed, camden pale is a million miles off a gamma ray


Camden Hells lager seems to be everywhere now, even in the small supermarkets. Its too expensive though - 4 for £6. I usually opt for something like Becks over it tbh.


owned by AB InBev innit, they’re just pushing it as their main ‘craft’ beer


Girlfriend got me a Mikkeler subscription for Christmas. Had January off beer - been so tempting to open but I’ve held off

Got 8 more coming any day now too. February is gonna be a good month


Incredible beer


daaaamn that’s a good present!


It might be just one of the best beers I ever had. The flavours were definitely improved by storing it in the cellar for a year. Which beer should they keep down there for next year…?


Got a week off - might have a trip to Canonbury for that.
In Liverpool today for football and Furman (Ezra). Got this lot from the Ship and Mitre’s bottle shop and Dead Crafty. The none-more-black is Northern Monk Death.


That stout sold out within an hour of opening time on Saturday. Get some bottles, hide them in the back of a cupboard and put a bourbon next year’s diary to dig one out.


How did autocorrect change “reminder” into “bourbon”?!


Freudian slip? Or the photo?


went to a great little bottle shop/tap room in Hitchin yesterday. just cracked this little number open to christen my new glass.