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How are you getting on then man?


well found a student job here now which I’ll start next week so, in theory good but we’ll see when it starts. I’ll be coming to London quite a bit over the months for band stuff however!


How do people feel about getting beer after the best before date? Picked up a can of this Northern Monk DIPA at 20% off, which seemed worth a shot but wasn’t sure how quickly beer stops tasting its best.


You typically lose a lot of hop taste but it’s more of an issue for low % beers than high. As long as they haven’t been kept on top of a radiator and you’re not doing a side-by-side taste I’m sure it’ll be ok.


In my experience, a lot of people who bang on about freshness are just parroting what they’ve heard from hardcore beer purists who wait in endless lines to get fresh releases and insist if they’re not drunk that day then you’re not getting the full experience maaaaaaaan.

Certain elements in a beer will definitely degrade over time, and degrade faster if exposed to light or heat, and if you’re familiar with a beer then you can sometimes tell when it’s tasting dull and lifeless. But the drop off isn’t necessarily all that dramatic and to be honest, if a brewer is making a beer that turns to shit after a couple of weeks, then they’re not doing a very good job. I reckon that beer will taste very nice indeed.


I didn’t get much liquoric from it tbh… idk maybe my tastebuds aren’t the best at picking out flavours. Smooth, balanced and substancial is how I’d describe it. All things I look for in a good stout

I’ve had three over two occasions but looks like a lot of folk caught on to it as it’s now disappeared online and at my local bottle shop


Might grab myself one if they’re still around then, haven’t found a milk stout (or any stout tbh …) that’s blown me away yet.


Had this the other week and it blew my head off. Probably should’ve saved it to share with a mate tbh, strong stuff. It’s so good though


Plenty of good ones around. Hard Shake from Wiper and True, Milk Stout from Arbor, Milk Stout by Left Hand, to name a couple.


Bristol Beer Factory is probably my favourite.


I’ll keep trying but I just don’t think I can taste the subtleties in darker beers as well as I can in lighter ones. Sort of wasted on me, otherwise I’d have nabbed one of the Yellow Belly my lcoal shop finally got in…


yeah can also vouch for the To øl jule maelk, also as someone who isn’t a massive sweet stout fan, that beer is pretty amazing.


Having a beer share meat this weekend. I think I’ve chosen quite well with my contributions


What does your wife think about it? Any additional changes to life when you’re about to have, or have just had, a child always seem really daunting.

I quit a fairly cushy but very boring job when my son was a couple of months old and started working with a couple of mates at a business they’d just set up. They’d been going on about it for a while and every time someone pissed me off at work the idea just seemed more and more appealing.

Helping to run a new pub though… Man. I’m sure pretty much everyone who posts in this thread has thought about doing it. Can’t imagine it’s easy but bet it’d be a great experience.


Never really bothers me. Especially cans.

That beer is really nice.


I’ve not been happy doing this job for pretty much the entirety of the past 3 months. She’s told me to go for it if it want to. Really conflicted about it, mainly around salary, commute and job security, and I’m a pretty risk averse prison at the best of times.


I’m the most risk adverse person I know, which is why I’ve been in the same job for years, as I know I’d never lose it unless the company went under, and its only a 7 mile drive. But you really should talk to the guy in more detail and find out more.

The guy who runs the Radius Arms, used to be a postman before being made redundant and starting the Radius Arms, he always seems really relaxed and happy. I’m very jealous of him.


Yeah that was seriously delicious, the best DIPA I’ve had. Passion fruit and honey, and didn’t taste anything like 8.5% - could have told me it was 5% and I’d have believed you.


i just had my second/last can of Howl and am very sad I don’t have any more :slightly_frowning_face: missed out on Putty too it seems. goddamn you trendy limited beers.


Wonder if they’ll still accept bitcoin.