DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Wanky beer ahoy

Burning Sky/Beermoth - Grisette
Northern Monk Patrons 9:03 - Don’t Look Baterang in Anger
Garage - Soup IPA
Magic Rock - Sour Passion
Track - Sonoma
Magic Rock/Basqueland Brewing Project - Chucker
Dark Star - Creme Brulee


Really want to try that Dark Star Creme Brulee.


It’s for the TV, one of her favourites. I’ve had quite a bit, in cask, keg and tin. Lovely beer


Just had a can of Sour Passion. Lovely stuff


Was the last tin in the shop. Bloke said it was a cracker


I did a wanky beer shop on the way home, but I decided to go to gym on the way back (what a daft idea that was).

I saw they had Yellow Belly but it was £10.80. Pretty sure it was only £8 last year? I didn’t get it.


I couldn’t be CBA with the Yellow Belly. Have only had the 2016 version


Thats the version I had. December 2016? Just don’t remember it being that much before.


Yeah that Sour Passion is dead nice. Home alone for the weekend, just polished off my Shut Up and Play The Hits, mega.


Yeah November time 2016 I think


Wanky beer haul and a local IPA.


hiya from York. so lucky these places didn’t exist when I was at uni tbh, I was barely out of the pubs as it was.


Don’t see enough of their stuff down here.

Also, I had Sonoma earlier. Blimey that’s good, but again, not something I’ve every really seen in the deep south.

This Soup IPA is amazing btw guys.


I haven’t bought wanker beer since December and this thread is really making me want to buy some wanker beer.

Might see if I can persuade Wor Lass to drive past somewhere good in Newcastle tomorrow…


picked up a cloudwater beermoth collab. gonna be honest, it’s not great


lads I’m going to be in London last weekend of feb and first weekend of march take me wanky places


Want to explore some new breweries I haven’t got round to yet - any recommendations for favourite Siren/Cloudwater/Track/Buxton/Mikkeller beers?

Also had to go instantly back for another can of the Northern Monk Knuckle Puck (that was special) and grabbed one of their Slam Dunks while I was there too.


Would be up for the Waterloo Tap, if that works for you and fits in with my gig schedule. Or many others, tbf.


They’re all excellent so just go with whatever style you like with each


Don’t think I’ve really had a ‘special’ Siren beer. They are very good, but rarely cross over to great imo. Saying that, huge fan of Caribbean Chocolate Cake and The Tickle Monster series are great. They do good high strength beers.

Honestly think their quality has dropped since they dropped their V series DIPAs or that there are a lot more out there now, plus we tend not to get too much of their stuff on the south coast. Can’t really talk about favourite beers as they’ll never brew them again. Just pick some with hops you like and give it a go.

You’ll have to ask some of the MCR lot, bit I had a bottle of Sonoma earlier which was great. Again, don’t see much on the south coast.

Where to begin? Consistently brilliant brewery. Try and grab any of their Ice Cream series beers or Yellow Belly/Yellow Belly Sundae. Also do really decent sours and pales.

Again where to start? The single hop series is a good intro though