DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



track and cloudwater barrel store are right next to each other, so it’d tick two off in one go

i prefer track


At the Waterloo Tap. The Shindigger Everything’s Peachy is everything you’d hope for - lots of peach without tipping into too sweet.


Is that from last w/e Feb to first w/e March?


Never liked a peach beer. But there’s a new Northern Monk Patron’s Series one that sounds intriguing


Buxton’s Ring Your Mother (collab with Rooie Dop) is a fantastic beer. Most of their output is top notch but this beer I would make a special trip to buy, not really had anything else like it.


This is peachy without being too sweet,
which I like. Northern Monk might be my favourite brewery at the moment - got a can of Death in the fridge (supposed to be the veg rack but it’s full of beer at the mo) after having it on draft last weekend in Liverpool. Went down as smoothly as, I dunno… Harry Kane or Lamela :wink:.


Easily my favourite Brewery in the country atm


No just at the weekends so two separate trips weekends apart


A bit of an aside but when I went to Bournemouth last year unless I was looking in the wrong places it seemed bereft of craft bottle shops and bars …another world to, say, Brighton or Bristol… if anyone was thinking of starting their own (and I know rich-t isn’t) be worth considering…


Ah, that might be tricky for me (but fine for normals/civvies). When are you about? Fridays and Saturdays are work days for me…


Err Friday Sunday first weekend, sat-tues second one


Always like 60 million postcards and the goat and tricycle, and there’s the wight bear alehouse in southbourne, and there’s a micropub in Christchurch I think. The Saxon maybe.

Obviously there’s not a massive selection, bit Bournemouth does ok.


Do Beer Merchants Tap the first weekend, then on the second weekend do Beer Merchants Tap.

Don’t know if I mentioned, but I’m opening Beer Merchants Tap.


I’ll be staying in hackney wick for some of it at least so that was a given tbh :wink:

Do you have an opening date?


Had a Buxton x Omnipollo Yellow Belly Sundae last night whilst watching The Square. Delicious, but very potent. Like drinking wine.


Official opening is Feb 24th, with a bunch of test events starting from next Thursday.

This is the site as of an hour ago: it’s beginning to resemble an actual bar now.


Good night of boozing last night.

Highlight was the new North/Wylam/Track collab DIPA.

Love getting a growler at taking it somewhere BYOB


EEee exciting!


Yep! You probably can’t tell from that first photo, but we’ve built an integrated cheese fridge into the bar. :heart_eyes: