DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Looking great. Can’t wait to check it out!


Popped out while the boy was napping and, inspired by @ynot, went to the gym via the beer shop.

Gonna drink the Northern Monk Imperial Stout now out of one of them protein shaker things.


I had that Northern Monk on draft at the Dead Crafty Beer Company in Liverpool last weekend. Liked it so much I bought the can.


Alright, Victor Kiam.

Very much looking forward to it. 12% though! Going to share these with my brother in law this evening. Foolishly just sent him this photo, when I should have kept a few at home as he only ever reciprocates with Punk IPA.


DCBC serves the draft in 1/3 or 2/3s, so it was nowhere near can-sized. Sharing it is a wise move at that strength…


You and @CHAIRMAN_LMAO are a bunch of wimps. 12% can and sharing! Pfft


Drink that to myself and I’m asleep by 10pm. Guaranteed.


Promised Mrs HYG I won’t buy any more wanky beers this month… I have a silly stash of things in my cupboards so it’s a fair cop, but I do love snapping up the latest hype gravy.

Having said that, just had a Verdant Track & Field at our local bottle shop and it was fucking delish, cracking blend of sweet juice and classic resinous bitterness.


Beer meet MEAT


I’ve just opened my Track & Field, It’s glorious.


Drinking a Buxton Rocky Road. It is very, very good.


Wow! That’s quite a selection of beers! What were the standouts?


Lorelei and hazelnut and bourbon Noa :ok_hand:


worth getting?


Meh. The beers are decent. (Just checked, gave the session IPA and tropical ale 3.25 each on Untappd).


Ordered last night. 20 beers for £20 can’t be too bad even if they’re a bit sub par


The person I sit next to at work got this last week, and gave me the voucher for it. He’s enjoying it, and at a quid a beer and the glasses you can’t go too wrong.

I don’t think I can use the voucher though as I’ve ordered from Flavourly before.


yep. plus i am a fan of not carting home 20 cans of beer from the shop.


is there a voucher for this? first page says £20 but on checkout it says £68?


Had some Stubrew stuff, which is brewed by the students at Newcastle Uni. Was fairly decent.