DiS Beer Wankers 2.0





This is the link the guy at work used.


cheers @plasticniki, @ynot for £20 can’t not give it a try

looking forward to my 90 year old neighbour taking in 20 cans of beer for me when i’m not in on the delivery date


Tell me about good beer shops and pubs in Tooting.

I reckon I’m going to be over there quite a bit over the next week or so visiting my nephew in St Georges.

Craft Tooting, We Brought Beer, or other?


To add to this I just asked the guy at work about the beers, and he said that they chucked in another two.
Basically they were supposed to be bottles, but they gave him cans instead and as means of apology gave him two extra.


it’s £20 innit, can’t really grumble at that price. obviously won’t compare with the stuff in this thread but guessing an upgrade on your usual supermarket lager.

only issue i’ll have is if my neighbour doesn’t hear the door and I have to lug them from the post office depot 2kms away!


That’s near my house. My son was born there. Actually been tasked with planning a crawl there with the dads from nursery.

Craft Tooting and We Brought Beer are both good and both have seating. Worth noting that they’re in different markets - Craft is in Broadway Market, We Brought Beer is in Tooting Market.

Decent pubs…
The Antelope is probably the best one round there. Antic. Always have some decent cask stuff on. Nice food.
The Selkirk is good. Usually have a couple of cask bits on. Quiet and tucked away. Nice food.
Gorringe Park opposite the Thameslink station is nice too.

Passable pubs…
The Castle is a generic new style Youngs one. Really expensive and boring.
JJ Moons is the Spoons opposite the tube. Pretty rough.
The Trafalgar is a nice enough Geronimo pub.

Little Taperia - really nice Spanish place
Mirch Masala or Lahore Kahari for curry
Plus loads of places in the markets and chains like Honest Burger etc.

Don’t forget you’re a short walk from The Sultan and The Traf in Colliers Wood/South Wimbledon


Here’s a map of places I frequent round there (zoom out a bit to see Tooting).


Thanks for the info. I drove to the hospital and the traffic was awful, but I had to drive to pick my sister up and take her home for a break before going back. Her partner couldn’t take her home as my nephew didn’t want to be left alone.

So I might be on driving duty, in which case I’ll just pop to a bottle shop. If I can avoid driving, I will, which means I could pop into a pub before getting a train or bus home. I could get the 127 to Purley, but I’d imagine that would take an age.

If I do drive again, any tips on places to park? The hospital was £2.50 an hour.


Can’t help with parking. If you’re staying at the hospital you get a free pass.

Thameslink no use to you? Tooting station isn’t too far from St Georges.


I’ll mention that to my brother in law as he’s been parking on the street over the weekend.

I don’t think thameslink is any good for me.


Balham overground is only a couple of stops up the Northern Line. Direct trains to Purley every 30 mins plus the Goose Island Tap House is just up from the station.


drank a lot of good beers this weekend, cheers York

top picks would be:

Brew York - Nuba (Vermont IPA) @ Brew York tap room
Track - Denali (Single Hop Pale) @ Eagle & Child
Wylam x Yeastie Boys - WxY3 (NZ IPA) @ Trembling Madness
Magic Rock x Dry & Bitter - Smallvoice (Session IPA) @ the train back to London

man I love beer.


Anyone going to order a Birthday DIPA from Cloudwater? I’m tempted, but obviously I’d have to order some others to make the delivery worthwhile.


thought about it but then spotted this

so will probably pop down there after work on Wednesday and try my luck


they say it’s on sale at the barrel shop from wednesday

it’s my birthday on wednesday.

would be rude not to go down


Might just try and get one at one of the places in Tooting.


Sat in the Hanging Bat in Edinburgh. I love beer.


This is pretty interesting… Beavertown/Oskar Blues Deimos. Sherry barrel aged weizendopplebock.


The cans are online only. Got a half day tomorrow and I’m not driving so I’ll definitely check out Tooting.