DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Fairly skint but very tempted as not had a Cloudwater in ages.


Definitely made up.


Doppelbock comes after solobock.


dunno what you mean mate I drink wheatdoublestrong beer all the time


I ended up going to We Brought Beer, the guy in there was reqlly nice and I waa chatting to him for 20 minutes.

Got this mini haul.

We’ve Lost the manifest - A DIPA by Verdant and Honest Brew
Steel Cut - A pale by Burnt Mill
A Clementine and cranberry sour by Brick
Sunday Pale by And Union who the guy was raving about.


Ah, nice. They had an And Union one on tap in there when I went in on Saturday. Might have been that one. Was very nice.

They always have friendly people working in there.

Enjoyed both of these. Back to Becks Blue this evening though…


I’m very tempted to open the And Union one now, but I’m trying to limit beers to Fridays and Saturdays. I’ll probably fail.


it’s pretty good, aye!


It’s good but they sell it in waitrose so…


Still good though.


I’m saying drink it now and buy more of them.

But then I only buy beer for the hype right? :wink:


Yeah you do :wink:


Guys I might get some nice beers in a bit


Did you get those Flavourly ones?


I did not, totally forgot about it, because I have a brain like a sieve.


Got some fresh Trillium flying in from Boston tomorrow awwww yeahhhhhh


Can I have a can pls


Will trade for something of great value to you.

When’s your firstborn due?


You can have the baby, you don’t have to ask


For real though, I don’t know how fast I’ll drink them but it would be lovely to do a DiS Beer Wankers bottle share at some point in the future.