DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Had a few glasses of Rafiki on Saturday. Was nice.

How was that Garden Brewery one? The Milkshake IPA they had in the Tooting branch was so nice.


Interesting. So “joining forces with” basically means “we now own”.


I’d have 1/3rd of all except 1/2/10


Not had it yet, I remembered someone (probably you) mentioning Garden Brewery, which is why I picked it up.

The Villages Rafiki was really nice.


Villages are lovely all round. Rafiki reminds me of Gamma Ray on a good day. GBOL.


v. surprised that AB-InBev didnt bid…

‘joins forces’ might be their way of maintaining the macro beer cellars at DH without compromising ‘punk ethic’ (DH is a big post work lager place, surely they wont be taking out things like hells or urquel pils…!)


Perfect for Punk then :smiley:


Can’t imagine BD would allow DH to keep stocking macros when they have their own alternatives (even if DH keeps its own branding for the time being). Surely that’s too much hypocrisy, even for BD?




The NM wild ale is spectacular, best sour I’ve ever had. Barely feels like a beer though, which may be a plus or minus depending on your taste.


Mate you need some lambics or gueuze in yr life



Those guys do Soup IPA right? That’s incredible


yep that’s the place. That was their Triangle session IPA, I also had a collab with Soma called Montessori which was awesome. In BeirCaB now, off to Mikkeller next…


might just stay in this part of town for 4 days


That place I mentioned is in the Gothic Quarter, definitely worth a visit.


that’s actually much closer to my hotel, will definitely hit that up in the next couple of days!


This Verdant Headband is delicious. Gutted I only bought one can.


Also featuring my new Fullers half pint glass that I got from the pub at the weekend (by asking rather than sneaking it out)


Just had that Garden Brewery one. It was great, I’ll have to keep an eye out for more of their beers.