DiS Beer Wankers 2.0



Looks a bit dirty?



Oh nice. Will give it a go. Only seen it in the Craft shops and the Rake - both sold out of the Milkshake IPA really quickly.


I spent five minutes washing before pouring - it’s got a ring right near the bottom which looks like a dried on ring from a previous drink but is just a really annoying design feature.


I’m not posting another photo of a glass on here unless it’s been boiled in Evian at least 4 times.


Tory :thinking:


According to Untappd the nearest pub to me that have it on, is the Trafalgar.


puts coat on


I’ve not had a bad Verdant beer, I’ve got this one to look forward too.


I played bass on that tune? I’ve had the trumpet version which was decent


Yep. I’ll keep it for the weekend.


Hop city excitement rising.


went there, had a Wylam and a Gamma, was bloody great. will go back before I leave!


Love this. Travel across to Spain, and buy some readily available in the uk beers


Gamma is from Denmark at least :laughing: I tried my best to drink Spanish beers for the rest of the day - will definitely be going back to Garage before I leave as well.


Apart from tbe Mikkeller bar, it was my favourite place. I preferred it to BierCab, perhaps just because it was quieter and closer to my hotel.


Bit of a blurry picture but picked up this lot as a birthday treat to myself.

Thought the Wylam Macchiato was great and will look out for that again.
The To Øl Dangerously Close to Stupid Amount of Apricots one was nice, it had a fantastic colour.
Was a little bit disappointed with Coco Jesus but I think that’s cause the guy in the shop talked it up so much.

Got the rest still to go, looking forward to the Verdant and Wylam ones.


Are there any decent pubs in Watford? Just got myself a ticket for Watford v Palace in a few weeks.


The Tzatsiki sour is, erm, interesting


I’ve seen it a few times and always thought it sounded horrible. My curiosity got the better of me this time.


I did the same over the weekend. Was half cut on a pub crawl, ordered a whole pint without tasting it :smiley:. A bottle will definitely be much more manageable.